Monday, 18 December 2017

Hard To Get The Race Time

As I've said before, December leading up to Xms is not my favourite time of year. Xmas Day is fine; good food, family visits and presents are all great, but December 1st up to 24th can relegated to the 5th level of hell for all care right now. Scrooge-esque rant over, back to painting, modeling and gaming.

My copy of Gaslands turned up in the post a few weeks back and I've finally had achance to sit down and read it properly. Needless to say that this game has been on my radar for a while now and in the New Year I'll be breaking out some cool new scenery and a stack of custom cars and bikes to tear up the gaming tables with. For now, here's a few pics of the cars in question.

This has also been my first attempt at using weathering powders. An interesting experiment, but I'm really happy with the results.

I've also managed to squeeze in a game of 40k. I'm really enjoying the new system and it's given me some really cool ideas regarding what I want to do next. I've been busy with some more scenery for both 40k and Gaslands when I can get time, but also tinkering with the Night Lords Terminator scrap build project I mentioned sometime back in November. Alas, no pictures for now, but after Xmas I'll have a host of cool pictures and maybe even a Gaslands Race report to show off.

Thanks and Merry Xmas/Happy Holidays to everyone out there. See you in the New Year!

Monday, 4 December 2017

Dino Dealings

This has been an insane week. Christmas in work is in full swing and there is no end in sight, but my Boss decided to through one last spanner in the works an conscript me and a few other members of staff into helping with a birthday cake. Nothing a team of trained chefs, artists, sculptors and creatives can't handle you might think, well that's before we were told his plan... a dinosaur themed cake, with eatable dinosaur surrounding an erupting volcano AN ACTUAL ERUPTING VOLCANO CAKE! All to be finished a round Christmas bookings and general mayhem.

Let's do this!

So between all of us, the work was divided up and we got the supplies. I was tasked with sculpting a T-Rex and a Pterodactyl from modeling icing. This stuff is a million miles from green stuff (not just because green stuff isn't eatable) It cracks, it sweats, it sticks to everything it shouldn't, it generally doesn't behave like anything I've actually sculpted with up to now. Still, I'm a fast learner.

My mistake at this stage was thinking that the icing would actually defy gravity as well as my known sculpting knowledge. Over night the T-Rex became a little.... depressed.

A little work and a few candy sticks, I was able to get the king of the dinosaurs to a more upright position. Once I got him into work, it was time to put all are collective efforts together. I got to paint up all the dinosaurs, whilst the rest of the team worked on the base and volcano.

A little colour and these little monster really came to life. It really was a team effort for the final hours of construction and decoration. Thankfully I didn't have the headache job of transporting it to the birthday party, but in the end it made it much to the joy of the Birthday Girl.

The final touches....

This was an interesting side project to work on. definitely something new as I've never had to sculpt with food safety standards in mind, though the icing was a pain to work with. Until next time.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

For Whom the Jingle Bell Tolls

Howdy folks. Blog posting will be a bit sporadic over the next month (more so than usual) Reason being is Xmas is hitting home with full force this week and I'm loosing my free time to chores and 12 hour long shifts. I'll try and keep the TWITTER active for the sake of WIP stuff or quick doodles, but actual content for the blog will be few and far between.

Until things get back on track in the new year, I'm happy to have finished painting my Killa Kans before things got REALLY busy. So here's a few pictures of some of my favourite models of all time.

This one is my favourite out of the lot. A giant drill for making a mess, and a scrap launcing, over sized blunderbuss (Grotzooka) for making more mess!

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Kans, Cars and Invisible Ordeals

Another short blog post this week. I've been dealing with the growing list of Xmas nonsense that's been building in work and so a lot of the fun stuff has had to be side lined for the time being. That said I get my brushes working when I can in the evenings.

So first up is the progress on the Kans. I love these models and the few games I've played with them have only increased my need to get them finished. If I get a bit of spare cash come new years, I'll see about getting another box as these models are awesome. Easy to put together and fun to customize, also my method of painting Ork vehicles is really quick so it'll allow me to get other stuff done before Xmas too.

Speaking of other stuff. I got the confirmation email today. My Gaslands bundle is on it's way as an early Xmas present to myself (cos I earned it, so there) and knowing that I need to get the rest of Cars ready for the wastelands. Team Read is already to go, just have to finish Teams Blue and Yellow

Finally for this update, a snippet of a finished commission for SHED Games. I still have a bunch of dungeon tiles from these guys. Perhaps I should make it my New years resolution to get them finished and get a game out of them. Ah well that's a Future Dave problem. Until then, here's a portrait of the invisible man in his Birthday suit. Enjoy!

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Return to Pen and Paper

Feels so long since I had a chance to work with pen and ink. Nothing too extravagant, but still an enjoyable little project for SHED GAMES. I've decided to use the moody feel of the portraits as an excuse to muck about with strong lighting contrasts. I still need to tidy them up a bit though. They still have a few pencil lines that need removing.

Also, I finished a few more Ork Kommandos. I'll be breaking these out in the near future with the rest of the squad, so stay tuned for for that.

And finally a look forward to my next project: GASLANDS! The game is released at the end of the month and I've already pre-ordered the starter bundle. For fans of Mad Max or the GW Dark Future game, I can't recommend this enough. I was lucky enough to try it out last year in the demo stages of development and have been following the progress since. Once I get the book in hand I'll be sure to put up some pictures and a bit of a review. Until then have a good 'un.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Slow Week

So earlier this year I picked up a junk lot at a market of Space Marines and random bits. The original post is HERE for those that haven't read that far back. The results of this bodgit experiment was a fully converted Night Lords' Kill Team that is still receiving additions from time to time. Once again diving into a box of second hand junk, spare parts and abandoned minis I've managed to dig out a bunch of long neglected Chaos Terminators

Seriously, look at this guy. There's as much super glue as there is paint on this one.

So into the dip they go! the plan is to go to town on these models as I did with the original Kill Team. Another long term project that'll keep me busy.

At the moment though, I've been filling my time with my favorite painting project, Orks! I finally caved in and bought some new toys for the new addition. I can Killa Kan!

Magnetized weapons and ready for a few layers of rust and chrome before properly taking the field! I've also found the time to build some classic Kommandos and get to painting the Ork Kill Team I started a while back.

Blimey! I thought this post would be a short piece about how little I've been doing. Turns out I've been quite industrious, who knew?

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Day-After Halloween Special

It's been a super busy old time the last few weeks. I've changed jobs again and been spending some time fixing up the ol' homestead, but now it's back to the brushes! In between mental work shifts and a never ending "To-Do" I managed to sneak in a few hours painting.

First up, the final member of my Night Lords Kill Team, The Shreaker. A Raptor convertion to round off the squad nicely I think. I still think Shadow War is a fantastic alternative to regular Necromunda, but with all the shiny new stuff being shown off for actual Necromunda I will no doubt find myself painting up a House Gang at some point.

I've final jumped back in to 40K. It took a while and a little inspiration, but I've started painting up some new addition for my Ork army to bring them up to speed with the new rules. Joining the painted masses is a Painboy, a Waaagh! Banner bearer and a new Mek Boy. I've since found out that Dreds are SUPER stompy under the new rules so I'll be getting a bunch of them

So that's been my efforts for the last week. Not a great deal, but progress nonetheless. I also managed to find time to crank out a pumpkin this year...

...and get a costume together.

Happy Halloween!!!

Saturday, 21 October 2017

After the Hobbit (part4)

It's been a long road, but we've reached the end of our campaign. Following in the footsteps of Balin, Rob and I have taken to Moria and pretty much retold history as it happened in the books. For a recap of the campaign, check previous PART1, PART2 & PART3. But it isn't over yet... Going into the Final chapter, can Rob salvage the last shreds of Dwarvish honour or will the Goblins horde slaughter them in anonymity?

They Are Coming...

In the depths of Moria, Balin has been entombed in the kingdom he sought to reclaim and the few survivors have rallied themselves for their last stand. They are few in number, hungry and far from home, but not without hope. The Dwarfs know that they cannot escape, but will sell their lives if but one of their number can make it back to Erebor with news of the expedition. In the darkness, something far more sinister than mere goblins moves to intervene.

As the fires of the Balrog are seen filling the gloom, the Dwarfs waste no time and begin their escape. Goblins pour into the hall from the great gates and is through one of these that the Dwarf survivors dash towards.

The Goblin Shaman calls on the blood lust of his minions to hold the Dwarfs from escaping, but it is not time yet. Knowing the Dwarfs have the best chance if they can break their attacker's will to pursue, the Warriors of Moria go to work on the Goblins with their axes.

Meanwhile, holding the tomb entrance as best they can, a few brave Dwarfs make heroic efforts against the mounting Goblins. Soon their bravery will be tested...

With a roar, The Balrog enters the fray. The cavern shakes with it's monstrous footfalls and the Goblins swarm the tomb chamber. The few Dwarf warriors within hold their axes ready.

With their demonic overlord at their backs, the Goblins push forwards. The few Dwarfs still in the Tomb are swept aside, lost in the sea of rusted metal and gleaming eyes. Despite the swarm of foes, the stoic Dwarfs fight on still.

At the gate, The Goblin Shaman is slain and his entourage put to the axe. Though more Goblins arrive to fill the gap, The Dwarf warriors have made their stand. The gate to the tunnels almost theirs.

Alas, Fire and Death had come at last. Hurling a burning Dwarf across the cavern, the Balrog burst from the Tomb Chamber, his Goblin underlings spreading before him. The flaming dwarf crashed into two of his comrades, alerting the Dwarfs holding gate to their peril.

As the mighty Balrog advanced, a challenge in the tongue of the Dwarfs was called out from the Tomb. Surrounded by foes and bleeding from dozens of small injuries, the last Khazad Guard charged the Balrog.

The few Dwarfs still standing at the turned into the tunnels and made their escape. The Sacrifice of their fellows would not be in vain. Only one of their number needed to get through the Goblin patrols....

....Only one made it home to Erebor.

"One Dwarf Still Draws Breath!"
It was a tense final game. Rob had no heroes to rely on and had to work from tactics and dice alone. He couldn't have made a better go of it and it was a satisfactory end to our Campaign. In the end  the Goblins gave total annihilation to the Dwarfs in the Tomb,  but a single Dwarf made it back to Erebor. With Dwarfs fulfilling half their objectives (the other being to kill 20 Goblins) the outcome was a Draw.
Well done to Rob for his efforts to really save face in the final mission and thanks also to Ross (Go check out his YOUTUBE stuff) for supplying some additional scenery to the board. It was a great experience to play a story campaign like this and for those interested I heartily recommend it as something different. It was a great excuse to get my Balrog painted so that alone should be an endorsement.

I hope you enjoyed this series of posts. I'm looking forward to doing more in the future.