Tuesday, 28 February 2017

The Nerds Arise

This weekend is Cardiff Film and Comic Con and I've been a busy little monkey getting everything ready for the big day. Hence my lack of posts the past week. That said, some of you who are on the Twitter may have spotted a few sneak peaks at what I have in the works right now and I'll be saving the big reveal for the show this weekend.

So, if you like this;


...and some of this;

Then come along and say hello. I'll be handing out previews of my upcoming new comic as well as all my normal stuff. 
See you there.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Brave New World

Some time ago I started doing concept art for a an idea I had regarding a fantasy world. The sort of swords and sorcery equivalent of the the post apocalypse genre. I fancied the idea of a fantasy world where all the fantasy races, magic and most of the monsters just all died off. Their presence has left it's mark, but the the world is very much in the hands of humans. However, the Eldar races (to use Tolkien's classification) didn't give human's much of a lasting legacy and now everything has fallen to ruin and chaos. So I started building the world and the peoples that would dwell there and now I'm back to writing again for a few short stories set in this place. I've still got a lot to work out in regards to publishing it later this year, but I'm hoping to get some previews done for CFCC in March (so not a great deal of time.)

Any hoo, here are a few doodles from what I've been working on. Let me know what you think

To anyone thinking of going to CFCC in two weeks, swing by the table for a look at the previews and other comics on offer. For those who have been familiar with my previous title, New Wasteland Fairy Tales, don't panic! I will be returning to Beki and Nigel's adventures in the future, but this is something I need to get out of my system.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Took a while. but the little beardy blighters are done. Fully armed and ready to take on what ever gribbly monster the fantasy realms have to throw at them. Below is a montage of the concept-to-completion for one of the little guys.

Between these and the goblins I sculpted last year, I'm really pleased with the out come. The goblins were an experiment to see what I could do sculpting at 28mm scale. The dwarves were an attempt at sculpting something more human. The goblins were all sharp, untidy armour and rags with equally slapdash features and weapons. The dwarves in comparison are the complete opposite; straight edges and neat corners on everything. to say nothing of the facial features. It was a long winded project, but it was fun all the same.

 As ever thoughts and comments are welcome. Any thoughts on what I should try next? for now though, I think I'll go back to some drawing. I've been putting off the comics for far too long.

Friday, 10 February 2017

These Are the Days of High Adventure

As hinted at in a previous post, I've begun working on a new comic idea. New Wasteland Fairy Tales will still be a prominent part of my work in the future, but I just fancied drawing something a bit different. After the masses of Sci-Fi and post-apocalypse themed stuff that I've been doing over the last few months I decided to have a bit of a detox and try some thing else.

The Dwarves have been a great distraction, but I think it's time I put myself back into drawing comics, especially with so many cons coming up this year it would be a shame not to have something new. So here are a few rough sketches of what I've been working on. The story is still pretty fluid a t this point, but I'm happy with the world and characters I've designed so far. Let me know what you think.

I, like most people of sound mind, am a massive fan of the original Conan movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger as the sword swinging, cult smashing, camel punching barbarian himself. So naturally I have always wanted to do something along those lines. The beauty of these stories is the world is pretty open ended which is why all those old comics and movies set in generic fantasy lands were so absurd. You didn't need much plot beyond "Evil Wizard/Warlord/King/Camel Enthusiast is causing problems. send suitable heroes to go sort it out." Add monsters and evil henchmen, maybe an ancient god for extra drama and you're away. As I have told people in the past, I am not a writter be craft so my stories in terms of plot are pretty basic, but I want to draw some kick-ass fight scenes with swords rather than robots.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Hi Ho Hi Ho, It's Off to Work We Go

First up, let's get my excuses out of the way. The reasons behind my lack of posts this week is largely down to two things. First I've been redecorating the spare room, so it could be argued that I am still painting and modeling. ( year I don't buy it either) The second excuse is I've been playing with Twitter. Yes, that's right, your humble goblin themed technophobe has taken another step into the 21st Cenutry and my goodness what a time sink that is. Not the actual set up or managing of the Twitter, but the scrolling through tweets from everyone and everything on planet earth. I've have picked more useless facts and seen more inexplicable memes in the last 24 hours than I had in the last 6 months.

So, on that note, if you're on twitter be sure to follow me @davepowellart and if you aren't on the twitter.... join us....

And now back to our regular programming. Besides the DIY I have still found time to work on the dwarf sculpts on and off. Pleased to say that they are coming along nicely. I'm really pleased with everything so far and I'm looking forward to adding the beards to finish them off. Right now I working on the sleeves and then going back over waists to add pouches and bedrolls. I've decided to make these little fellows more of a band of expeditionaries. Traveling into uncharted or lost Dwarf Kingdoms armed, but not as militarily armoured as they would be in open war. Traveling light as everything they have is what they bring with them into hostile territories

Once again, Gimli is there for scale.

I've also been sketching out a new project that I've been thinking about for a while, but I'll save that for another post.