Sunday, 18 August 2019

Protocol 55 Campaign Pt4

Privateers Inbound
Inquisitor Lux had dispatched local guard squadrons to hunt down the Ork pirates and wayward Tyranids. His
attention had been diverted for too long already. The Mechanicus Excavators had eluded him for now, but Lux
still held their initial find: The Casket. It had taken his savants weeks to decipher the inscriptions covering the
strange obelisk, but Lux’s patience had paid off. The Casket was a map, a guide to another hidden vault containing
even greater stores of ancient technology. Inquisitor Lux would continue the treasure hunt.

Game1 Mission Critical
The Vault was maze! A marvel of architecture and technology that was both storage facility and combination lock.
At the heart of the complex sat the controls for the structure’s locking protocols. To open everything, multiple
terminals had to be accessed at the same time, at different locations. Lux and his team would need to split up in
order to open the complex’s lower levels.

Lux and his team secure the central controls, but others have broken into the vault. Either by luck or design,
another rogue enters the fray.

The Kroot mercenary senses his prey.

The Rogue Trader’s personal guard stalk the complex and secure one of the terminals. They await for further
orders, only to be ambushed from the shadows by a brutal psychic assault. The room is lit by by an evil fire as
The Scorched drifts into view.

At the central control station, Inquisitor Lux encounters resistance of his own. An chrono-gladiator, as big and
brutal as B4N3 bursts from the dark corridors and charges the acolyte. The loyal henchman quickly dives for
cover allowing B4N3 to fight his opposite number.

The Kroot edges around the generator seeking prey. The stench of engine oil conceals the scent of promethium.
Too late the alien mercenary realises his mistake.

The cyborg warriors clash but B4N3 seems sluggish, his adversary cuts him down as he freezes utterly. Sparks burst
in the air as the presence of another psyker becomes apparent to Lux. With B4N3 crippled, Inquisitor Lux is forced
to fend for himself against the rampaging Chrono-gladiator. His loyal acolyte stepping in to offer aid.

At one of the control nodes, the Rogue Troopers find themselves out matched by the Zealous fury of The Knight.

Meanwhile the The Scorched moves through the corridors with malicious intent.

Lux is injured by the chrono-gladiator and forced into a corner. The Cyborg beast is unable to finish the
Inquisitor permanently as the Acolytes hold the assailant at bay.

Amongst all the confusion, Lux receives a communication from one of his team. The crafty henchman has used the node at his position to alter the access codes. The central control panel is no longer the master control to the complex. Lux allows himself a pained smile as the control panel in front of his deactivates. The only glow in the room now emanates from The Scorched, casting the Rogue Trader and his surviving team in a red glare.


The Trader orders the retreat, his remaining operatives fall back through the demolished entrance they first made.

Game2 Surrounded.

Empty…. all that effort and bloodshed and the vault was empty. No wonder the Mechanicus Team had been so
quiet. They had gotten ahead of Lux, found their prize and left the Inquisitor with an empty locked box. A
reckoning was due. Suddenly Lux’s head was split with agony. His vision swam, before he finally blacked out
he saw the the Rogue Pysker from the vault step into view. A Reckoning was due, but not for Inquisitor Lux
just yet.

Enraged by the Unclean assault on his master, The Knight charged forth only for a Kroot Mercenary to bar his
path. The Pysker stepped passed the embattled Knight towards the downed Inquisitor.

His failing life signs triggered a warning to the Inquisitor’s allies within the district, but there arrival had been
anticipated. Heavily armed troops were waiting for whatever reinforcements came to Lux’s aid.

The attempt to recover their fallen master was a failing hope. The Knight dispatched both the Kroot and the
crazed chrono-gladiator that joined the frey, but looked on helplessly as more troops entered the courtyard to
support the psyker. 

The Knight heard a coded message on his comm-link: “Withdraw and find me.” it said. Their master would be

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Protocol 55 Campaign pt3

Mission - Grab da Loot
With the Mechanicus in the wind and Inquisitor Lux's team left reeling from the events in the tunnels, it is no surprise that other forces have been drawn into the fray. Ork big-game hunters have begun tracking the newly loosed Tyranids. Whilst Lux's team attempt to regroup, the Greenskins begin picking through the ruins of the research facility, finding the Tyranid's escaped into the cities surrounding districts. Lux has already ensured quarantines are in place to stop the creatures venturing too far, but this is a temporary solution. The beasts must be found.

 The Orks seem to have provided Lux with the answer to the problem. Whether they know their actions are aiding the Inquisitor is irrelevant to their own goals. Rather than hunting the beasts in the quarantine zones, The Orks have decided to draw the creatures out. Using equipment stolen from the wreckage of the research facility, the Orks have cobbled together a devise that interferes with the Tyranid Hive Mind communications. The signal has will force the Tyranids to attack, if only to destroy the device. The nature of the signal has not gone un-noticed by others however. Once more, Inquisitor Lux ventures out to fight the Alien menace.

The Licor has found the Ork device, but bio-engineering has wrought a cunning beast. It advances with caution

The Orks stumble across the Inquisitor and his team, outraged at the thought of other trophy hunters taking "their" kill.

Whilst the Orks attack Lux and his entourage, two of his acolytes get eyes on the objective. Though  modified by Ork hands, the technology is initially imperial. Such a prize could prove useful.

Wading through fire and shotgun blasts, the Ork Boss charges the acolytes.

From across the street, the Tyranids spot their opportunity and strike.  From on high, The Scorched watches the mayhem unfold.

As Tyranid, Human and Ork desend into bloody carnage, The Orks true intentions come into play. Grots quickly dismantle the machine and begin dragging the important part away for later. The rest of the combatants too occupied to interfere.

The fighting escalates further as the Ork dedicate more of their numbers into the inquisition team, completely forgetting their original targets.

The Tyranids suffer the wrath of the gladiator,  B4N3 and The Scorched.

Only to suffer a worse fate as the Orks close in.  From afar, a blinding beam of energy lances two of the Lictor's arms clean off, the Ork Flash Git grins with satisfaction.

The injured Lictor then spots the Ork Burna too late as the maniac Ork mek unleashes a wall of fire.

Despite missing arms and being set a blaze, the Lictor fights on. Even as the Orks assault to claim the creature's head as trophy, the beast stubbornly refuses to die.

 The Ork Boss becomes embroiled against the The Knight and the Inquisitor's Acolytes, Lux uses the distraction to break away after the objective.

Concealed by the ruins, The Tyranid Gun Beast hunts it's own prey.

the Knight finds a worthy opponent in the Ork Cybork, Killboy.

Against the weakened Ravenor, Inquisitor Lux succeeds in bringing the monster down just as he turns to deal with the Lictor, the creatures collapses into a smoldering heap. The Ork Burna stepping over the charred heap to glare at Lux.

One of the Grots escapes, but his comrade is left dragging his loot. The Scorched appears to relieve him of such a heavy burden. An Ork boy sees the floating Daemon and attempts to fend the un-natural thing off.

The Gun Beast watches this all unfold, as the grot dies to the searing hands of The Scorched, the Ork jamming devise is damaged. Realizing that it is the only Tyranid left in the area, the Gun Beast retreats into the shadows.

The Scorched holds onto it's find as the Acolytes arrive to help, but it's all too late. A signal flair is fired over head and the Orks begin to withdraw, dragging their trophies away with them. Following the conflict, Inquisitor Lux inspects the remains of the Ork machine. Whatever imperial technology the device used at its core was with the component that got away. All Lux has is Greenskin scrap, nothing more.

This was a lot of fun to play this week. For two reasons, first it was scenario I'd never played before and having two opponents get in the way kept things interesting right the way through. Secondly, The 'Nids were commanded by one of my regular gaming buddies, but the Orks were loaned to his nine year old son. So well done to him for playing Orks to their best and also winning his first game of Kill Team.