Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Goblins Gone Wild

Well it's that time of year again. The annual Grinning Loon Holiday to parts untraveled in the hope of finding relaxation and calm.... This year, however, I'm trying a different approach and heading to Bloodstock!
That's right I'm gonna be living it up by drinking and rocking out like I was meant to do.

I'll be back in a week or so, but until then, I'll leave you with the current state of my Grot Kill Team. I've got most of the fodder out of the way, just need to finish my heavy hitters and specialists.

I'v also continued my playing around with AoS28 and created a series of Knights and Heroes. These will be getting some attention closer to Xmas as right now I'm itching to get some Kill Team underway.

What's more, I've finished off my secret sculpting project, so if all goes well I shall be able to show that off soon. Cheers all, see you in a week.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Release the Hounds

The Witch Hunters have been finished! I'm super happy with this band or grim fanatics. So much character in the Frostgrave kits on there own and it's a great chance to paint something a little different. I don't paint "generic" humans often so it's great to not feel board at any point of the project.

The dogs, Butcher and Bane, were added recently just to round off the crew. They are from the Bushido range and took almost no time to paint.

I'll add a few extra mooks and maybe a hired sword at some point, but right now I've fallen for the new shiny...

Oh yeah.... Shadow War was a dangerous game that led me to building a Night Lords army (I'll finish it some day, Jeez) but I'm playing Kill Team safe and I've started mucking about with the Ork lists. I think it's time to return to a long neglected part my personality, Goblins in Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace......

Let the fires of Grot Revolushun BEGIN!

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Effective Miss-Direction

So couple of weeks back I made mention of a new commission and whilst I'm eager to show it off, the client has asked me to keep it under wraps for now, so all I can show you is this....

It's nothing sinister, but for the time being, that's all I can show you until we get closer to the finishing line. I'm still working on the sculpt and it is coming along nicely if I do say so.... I just can't show any of you internet folks yet.

In the mean time, I've been painting away my lunch breaks in work, trying to get a few more Witch Hunters done and at home playing with a bunch of spare parts from my bitz box.

Going off some feed back from the AoS28 FB group, I've tried to come up with something a bit more original regarding a backstory and a setting for this lot. Once again, there are some talented hobbiests out there and I've been inspired by their take on an old fantasy trope of knights hunting monsters. I'll flesh everything out another day. For now I'm having too much fun playing with glue and plastic :)

Monday, 16 July 2018

Seeking Evil

This week I've actually been quite productive. Both at the hobby desk and at the (real) job. First the boring stuff, I got a promotion at work so whilst I get more responsibility I at least get the pay rise and minions that go with it. Plus after England getting themselves knocked out of the sportsball tournament, I had some free time on shift to play with...

Don't what it is or what it's for, but I'll most likely build something cool as a result of these doodles.

It's possible, that I've been bitten by the AoS28 bug of late. following on from last week WIP of my Witch Hunters, I've stumbled onto the Dark Age of Sigmar forums and been quite smitten with some of the ideas that exist there. I think it's time I got my old band of Gaming buddies back in shape for Mordheim later this year. For now, here are the first lot of finished Witch Hunters. (from left to right; Tom the Farmer, Ruthigg the Torturer, Witch Hunter Captain Stein, Father Lupeski and Johann the Fanatic)

 I put a few extra details into Captain Stein. As the boss he'd be taking a bigger cut of the confiscated possessions of his quarry. Stands to reason he'd be a dangerous zealot as well.

That's all for now. Until next week, I'll hopefully get a chance to finish off another batch of the Witch Hunter crew.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Too Damn Hot

Ok, the weather has officially got the better of me. After the weekend working, the British summer time can go now, I've had enough of the heat. Thankfully I've managed to not suffer a case of Dave's Syndrome (well done to those that get the reference) but I did try to do a spot of painting in the garden. I've nearly finished my band of Witch Hunters.

These have been a joy to paint, though not finished yet. Some may remember these guys from last year. They were built as part of a competition that I was happy to get 3rd place. A big thanks to the guys at Osprey for that. I'm looking to get a few games of Frostgrave in with these boys to help take my mind off the heat.

I've also picked up a new commission. This one is a bit special, I'll explain more when things get underway properly.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Mechanical Marvels

Short post this week. Kinda had a lot going in the real world, but I was able to get my Ork Dreds finished at long last. I was able to get a rematch of Glazer's Farm in this week against Keron, but the Dreds didn't feature. Short version this time, the Ad-Mech never survived the second assault o_0

I also got the Big Mek with Force Field Generator finished too. Here's a bunch more pictures of the new toys. I'll hopefully have more new stuff for you next week... If the heat doesn't kill me first.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Ad-Mech of Harlech

It's been a while since my last battle report, so I thought it was time for another. This time around Glazer's Farm! The original Glazer's Farm was published about 20 years ago in White Dwarf and was one of my favourite articles. To this day it's been a mission that I've wanted to replay and thanks to White Dwarf's rewritten rules for the new edition I can finally play the scenario every proud Welshman longs to recreate... by playing as the Orks... against a Scotsman fielding Ad Mech and a random Eldar player for good measu- wait WHAT?!

OK, so I didn't have access to an Imperial Guard player and our friend Astro turned up joined with the Ad Mech defenders. It could still work, I mean how much damage could a bunch of girly Eldar do?

...Oh dear.

Orks... Thousands of 'em!

The Defenders were set. Accepting of their fate and their unusual allies, The Machine Cult and the Harlequins watched as the Orks advanced on all sides.

Quickly recognising the weaker targets, the Ad Mech sniper teams began picking off the gretchin attempting to flank the Farm to the South, whilst the Dune Crawler's heavy laser oblitorated the lone Killer Kan to the North.

Not willing to be pinned down by the likes of Greenskins, the Eldar leapt from the safty of the Farm's defences and rushed the Ork lines. Through super human agility the alien troupe were able to dodge the hail of bullets the rained towards them and began carving a bloody path through the Ork lines.

The Eldar's impetuousness would come at a heavy price to the Ad Mech. Whilst their Alien allies went glory hunting against the larger portion of the Ork assault, a Trukk mounted Mob of Orks accompanied by the Warboss broke through the Eastern wall of the Farm and began wreaking havoc on the Ad Mech troops.

Having had his fun, the Warboss ordered his forces back. The Ad Mech had been dealt a heavy blow with many casualties. The Eldar had also misjudged the fury of the Orks. Though only a few of their number had fallen, every one was an elite killer who's absence on the field would be noticed.

Here they come again!

With the hospital begining to fill, the Ad Mech began to question the motives of their Eldar allies. The Aliens had seemed more intent on taking the fight to the Orks, rather than gunning them down. That said it was thanks to their reckless charge that the assault on the West flank had been broken. Could the feat be repeated?
This time the Warboss lead the charge on foot, leaving the Trukk boyz to plw forward into What he knew would be the concentrated fire of the Ad Mech's vengeance. The rapid Ork tactic would unlikely  work a second time.

As the Orks charged the Farm, once again the Eldar leapt to the barricades and then over them, sprinting into No-man's-land. Their target? The Ork Trukk mob.

 Having suffered horrible casualties from them last time, the Ad Mech were indeed looking to take revenge and the Dune Crawler delivered it. With the Eldar closing in, the Orks bailed out of the wrecked vehicle into a storm of blades and theatrical masks.

On the far flank, the Eldar scout Vehicle went hunting an Ork Mob, but unexpectedly found another. A cunning trap to catch the agile skimmer off guard by Ork Kommandos. The trap was sprung, but the Eldar pilot was too quick, the skimmer veered out of harm's way to sound of gun fire and curses.

Back at the Farm, the Ad Mech had once again fallen to dealing the brunt of the Ork assualt as the Southern barricades were crushed by a squad of Killa Kans. A brave soldier stood his ground against the crude machines. The surrounding troops watched as their comrade was ripped to shreds, only to hear a war horn sounding the Ork withdrawal. The Kans left the Farm giggling at the meagre damage they caused.

Hold the line!

Tired and battered, the defenders counted their losses, but acknowledged that the last assault had been kinder than the first. Looking out across the plains, the horde began to mass for another charge. This time there were more...

And they were coming up fast! spurred on by the bellows of their leaders, the Orks barrelled forward on mass on both fronts. The Ad Mech opened fire, desperately trying to thin the Ork ranks, but it never seemed enough. Soon the Orks were within the Farm's perimeter.

The Eldar had once again abandoned the defence in search of their own mysterious goals, but their efforts benefitted the defenders all the same. Focusing their combat skills on the Western flank, the Eldar sought to break the Orks' pincer assault. It was just down to how quickly they could do it, as the Orks closed on the Ad Mech forces.

With a thunderous war cry, the Orks charged into close quarters with the Ad Mech survivors. This would be their moment of triumph. The Warboss dealt a crippling blow to the Dune Crawler, tearing a leg off as a show of brute strength.

But, something happened, a horn blast signalling the withdrawal. The Ork troops had been well bullied into obeying the signal horns when they sounded, but it was only the Warboss that could give such orders. What had happened? Furious the Warboss followed his withdrawing forces. Whether this was Eldar trickery or the stupidity of his underlings, there would be hell to pay.

The Final Charge
The dawn was a welcome sight to the surviving defenders. they had survived to see a new day.

 But with the dawn came the Orks...

The heavy Ork Killa Kans were a terror to see in such numbers again, the Ad Mech were prepared to face this foe a second time, possibly for the last time. Again the Eldar broke from the confines of the barricades and began their bloody hunt. This time seeking to blunt the Ork attack for good.

Whilst the Eldar tore into the Orks  the Ad Mech added the weight of their remaining guns into the Ork Boss Squad. They had picked their targets well. Despite the heavier armour the fire power was too much even for veteran Orks. But not for the Kan...

Ignoring the hail of shots and damage, the lone Killa Kan made a run for the Ad Mech lines. Crashing over the barricades and face to face with the last of the Ad Mech infantry. It was a short lived rampage however.

Watching the last of his Boss Squad getting sliced to pieces, the Warboss had had enough of trying to fight Eldar. He'd been lead to believe there was a good scrap to be had with these Ad Mech boyz, but as ever, the poncy space elves had danced in and ruined everything.  Turning back, the Warboss stomped off the field." Let the them keep the Farm" He thought. "There's plenty of other things to smash up."

Freakin' (space) Elves!!!!!
In the end I just couldn't cause enough damage quick enough. Keron and Astro both played a good game and after early losses, were able to pull a very convincing victory. The Ad Mech brought the guns, but it was the speed of the Eldar that really gave the defenders the edge to win. Being able to pick the weakest flank of attacker and then BECOME the attacker makes the for a very different game. I was finding myself trying to pin down the defenders only to have them pop up behind my units and then fill them full of holes. As ever it's a reminder that Elves of any kind just don't play fair ;)
A big thanks to my opponents for letting me take pictures. I'll be getting my own back on Astro's Eldar another day I'm sure.