Thursday, 22 February 2018

Like Growing a Beard....

....It takes a long time and the result is well worth it. I am of course talking about sculpting Dwarfs. Most of them have hands now and it's really just the arms that need to be finished.

I've nothing much to add this week. I've managed to talk a few people into my journey of INQ28 so once the Dwarfs are done I'll be pulling out some REALLY weird stuff.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Traitor Astartes

As promised, the completed squad of Night Lords ready to rock

Also, some progress on the rest of the army. A while back I mentioned the next step of this project would be the scrap-built Terminator Squad and a General to go with them. Obviously they still need a lick of paint, but as for construction they're good to go.

The Chaos Lord was a bit more involved as I had to break out the hack saw and green stuff just to get the arms on. I was unsure about the helmet as well, but I'm trying to avoid too many troops without helmets.

C&C welcome as always.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Back to Poking Putty

A bit a WIP update for today's post. I'm still working on the Dwarf heavy infantry and tunnel fighters, but I've made some real progress on them. I'm super happy with the way the armour fits together and the masks. The next step will obviously be to stick the weapons on and sculpt the arms. This is a little new as I plan to do armour plating on the shoulders and with some of these poses I'm worried it'll look off. For now the C&C is always appreciated.

I also found this little guy going cheap on eBay. I love this model, so much character in one place. He was missing his arm (hence the low price tag I assume) but that was no problem for me. This was more of an impulse buy so I'm unsure what I'll actually do with him.

Final update, I managed to finish the last 2 Night Lord marines to make up a squad of ten. I've been having a few split shifts in work so I think I've spent my time wisely.

More pics of these guys and the rest of the growing army in a few days.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

First Firestorm Grand Prix

Welcome Race fans to first Firestorm Grand Prix Death Race. We've had a few warm up races to get the drivers prepared and keep the fans excited, but now we're bring you the main event! Five racers, One lap and all to play for, the Shiny and Chrome FS Plaque. Thrilling times!!!

There's the starting horn and already the racers have taken to smashes and carnage tactics rather than trying to win the race. Wait a minute....

... Yes! Rad Kings 1, Driver Andrey, has pulled a head of the scrum and is heading for the first gate.

Looks like the rest of the drivers are getting their acts together, though NVR 3, Driver Joe, seems to have completely forgotten this is a race and now believes he's playing Demolition. At least it'll keep this race interesting. Back to the race, Rad Kings 2, Driver Gaz, has punched the Nitro and has made it through the first gate, he's closing the gap on Andrey. Shame about that last minute spin out. Guess he'll be practicing his three-point turn whilst the other racer catch up.

Andrey is holding the lead and has made it under the bridge with miles of free space, between him and the pursuing cars, but it is still anyone's race, folk.

Wait a minute! What's this?! Joe is going off road! before even passing the first gate, the NVR pick-up driver is embracing his All-American roots and has gone hunting in the wild. It looks like he's trying the head off the other races at the foot of the bridge. This is some serious Dick Dastardly level scheming.

Back to the actual race for a moment, Gaz has made it through the bridge, closely followed by the Thunder Wasps 13 Driver, Dave and catching up is Rad Kings 3, Keron.

Keron looks, like he's going to "Thread the needle" between his rivals, but alas, he loses his nerve at the last second!

As the other drivers untangle themselves under the bridge, Andrey has sped ahead of the crowd and is passing second, third and FOURTH gate! He's heading for the bridge....

Looks like Andrey may have this race in the bag, folks. Get ready to collect on those debts- hold the phone!

I've spoken too soon. Joe has resurfaced into the race, though I don't think this is going to see him winning anything anytime soon, it will certainly leave us with fond memories. Thank you Joe, you glorious nutta!

It looks like he's going for...

... yep, why do anything else...


Whilst he Wreck-Clean-Up Crews deal with Andrey and Joe's Re-spawn Protocols (Trust me folks, you've not seen the last of them)  let's get back to the other racers.

Gaz has pulled ahead of the pack and is making a break for the bridge.  Dave and Keron are hot on his heels, but the nippy red hot rod is showing them both up for speed. Keron and Dave just can't get the better of each other. Neither driver is giving ground and the exchange of fire power is like a fireworks show....

... and there's the crescendo! Thank you for dazzling display boys. It's great to see a mid-race light show to keep the fans interested. On that note, I've just been informed that Andrey has re-spawned at the fourth gate and Joe has restarted at the finish-line? Gaz  has made it across the bridge, but it looks like he's lost control, and Andrey has gone in for the kill!

What a s shocker, Andrey is back in the lead and coming up on the finish line. The only thing standing in his way is the self proclaimed master of disaster, Joe who seems determined to chase his adversary to the end of the earth!

Well, what can I say, folks? It's been a hell of a race, but after checking the Judges Rulebook, nothing says that the winning car has to be intact to claim a trophy....

The race finished and the casualties removed, it's time to go to the trophy ceremony. The FS Shiny and Chrome Trophy goes to Andrey and by audience votes, the Duke of Hazard Trophy goes to Joe for VERY obvious reasons.

Monday, 29 January 2018

...Into The West

Back again with the results of my exploits at a LOTR Tournament. It was a great weekend and I had a lot of fun catching up with old faces and meeting some new ones. Always good to get out for these sort of things as I get to play people I wouldn't normally have the chance to, but very rarely do I get the chance any more due to work. So how did I match up to tournament regulars I here you ask.... lets find out.

Game 1 was against Callum and his own Angmar list. Now I had heared that a real Angmar army could be quite powerful, but nothing prepared me for the nightmarish slog I had to put up with in this game.

The objective was just straight up Kill Points and I thought the cavalry would give me the edge here except for one thing, the (expletive deleted) Shade! That Tricky little piece demonstrated how a good player can use the tools he's given and just how out of practice I was. Everything I tried bounced off the wall of goblins as the Shade sapped the strength from my charges and soon after any resistance.

Callum played everything right and delivered the me a solid whooping, smacking me to the bottom tear tables where I belonged. That said, Callum was a gracious winner and was good enough to give me some helpful pointers in how to use my army going ahead.

My second game was against Dave Clark. We had met at an event last year, so I was looking forward to a rematch. This game centered around grabbing treasure from the middle of the board and escaping off the opponents table edge. I had played this style of mission before and knew how to win.

Dave was using Minas Tirith featuring a little bit of everything; shooting cavalry, high numbers. He played well and was able to break my army which scored him some points, but I had passed the treasure marker onto the Witch King early on which gave me my first win of the Weekend.

Game 3 was against Ryan that brought a mixed army of Dwarfs, Woses and Saruman the White (the good version). Though his army was small, the mission required players to attack opposing camps, forcing me to advance across the board.

My plan was rush the Dwarf lines and cause enough disruption to overwhelm the camp. Ryan wouldn't have been able to attack my camp in time as he had rightly chosen to defend all out. Ryan's choice to defend proved the right of things, The Dwarf line held strong and I couldn't break through fast enough to score off the camp. Ryan, score points for breaking my force and even killing the Witch King early in the game.

The fourth game was against Dave Alexander (there were a LOT of Daves at this thing) and his Isengard army, all crossbows and bezerkers. the mission called for moving models off your opponents board edge and I had the Warg riders to do it, but I spent too long skulking away from the Isengard crossbows to do anything impressive.

This was a hard fought match and Dave took the win by running a few stragglers off the board while my army desperately tried to hold against the wall berserkers.

Game 5 for me was a case of "be careful what you wish for" against Luke. Early on in the tournament I had seen a few people tackling the Mumak that was Luke's army.

Hobbits had had a go and so had a few others, but I had vowed that if I faced the Mumak myself I would slay it! The boast would require no small amount of luck and a little sneaking, but on paper the plan would work. The Witch King held a Morgul Blade, which would allow me ONE chance to kill the Mumak with a single strike. This game can be summed up in one image....

Yup, the Mumak trampled the Witch King to paste and the dice abandoned me at the worst moment. The dream was dead. That said, it was a good laugh and Luke played well and knew what he was doing.

Game six was against Ian and his Harad army. Ian and I had played at Firestorm last year when he was using an all Troll army, so it was good to get a chance to play him again. Again this was a very close game with everyone gunning for the Heroes to score points.

The larger part of the game was a mass of infantry brawling in the middle of the board. My cavalry attempted to encircle the Harad, but stumbled along the left flank, leaving the Haradrim superior fighters to clear up the Orcs in the middle.

I did have some fortune. My archers, who  had been utterly useless in the tournament until now, came out with avengeance and crippled the Haradrim General in a single round of shooting. Ian was forced to hide the injured General for the remainder of the game to avoid giving up any points. Once the Witch King entered the frey, that was no long within Ian's power. Using fell magic the Nazgul drew the General into the open and charged him. wounded and unsupported, the Harad leader was cut down.

Despite my last minute killing of the enemy leader, Ian took victory for breaking my army. It was a hard fought game and a great rematch.

At the end of the weekend I was looking for a nice easy game to wrap up, but fate does love to play tricks and with the rankings set in stone at this point the only viable opponent was Dave Clark. Yes, twice in one tournament, the War of the Daves was being fought on both the Top and Bottom tables it seemed.

For this game we had to hold 5 objectives scattered around the board. I sought to hold the 2 in my half and we would duke it out for the central objective. I had hoped to send the Wargs up the flank to take one of Dave's objective markers, but once again, Gondorian heavy armour proved the better and my casualties began to mount up.

In the end my forces began to flee, abandoning one of the objectives I held in my table half. Though Dave had a solid victory, the cowardice of Orcs cost me a few points that could have swung it in the long run.

After seven games, I came out the end of Sunday with 6 loses and a single Win and even then Dave came back in Game 7 to reestablish his dominance. I enjoyed the event and everyone was good enough to give me some advice on using my army in the future and getting the most out the Witch King, so thanks to everyone for the advice, I look forward to seeing you in the future to try again.

The painting standard was really high at this event, with a good mix of armies and themes, here's a few of my favourites.

And the over-all best painted, Dave Clark's Gondor. A really nice looking army with a lot of detail and character. He talked about trying a new army in the future, so what ever he chooses to do, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished paint job.

At the end of the weekend I was lucky enough to not walk away empty handed. When I mentioned to people I won THREE awards, I keep getting asked who I stole them from. That said I happily took the Wooden Spoon (for coming dead last, but getting some good lessons) and surprisingly Most Sporting (I think handing out cookies to my opponents and the TOs may have helped) Finally I achieved Runner-Up for Best Painted which really made me happy. As I had voted for Dave's Gondor to win, it was nice to get some glory for my painting too, so thanks to everyone who voted.

Once again, a lot of fun and I hope I get the chance to do it again next year.