Sunday, 20 May 2018

Return to the Green

Just a little sculpting project this week. A Buddy of mine is looking top do a fantasy Mughul army for Kings of War. To try and save himself some cash, he's asked me to sculpt him some heads for conversions. It's been a while since my last sculpting project and I always like to dip back into these things to keep my putty skills sharp.

They're still WIP I have to add beards and side flaps to the helmets, but I think they're coming along.

On a selfish note, this seemed like a good excuse to do some work on my LOTR Angmar army. I'd picked up the Gundabad Ogres a while back, but my plans for a Gundabad Army never took off. So with some extra work I'm turning them into Angmar Trolls...
The first troll has just had a bit of a nose job and the addition of a crude flail using jewelry chain. The second Troll is a bit more involved.

I'll be using him as a Troll Chieftain. I'm going to add a skull necklace for added "grim" factor, but the mask and sword are done.

Until next time folks.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

On Wards and Upwards!

CFCC is is done for the time being, but it will resurface later in the year. For now though I'll just say it was great to see some friends I don't see very often and I i was glad to meet so many new people at the event. AoS was well received as was Dolphin Squad 2. All-in-all the Deadstar Team had a cracking weekend and are looking forward to the next lot of events. Deadstar will be attending London MCM at the end of the month as well as Cardiff Independent Comic Expo the following week and Caerphilly Comic Con the week after. I won't be at London myself, but I will be at the other two shows.

So with Comic Cons filling up the schedule for the next few weeks, will there be time for hobbying? You betcha!

A little piece I've had stashed away for a while now. My regular gaming group are planning Dungeon Crawler with each of our character models have been designed by someone else in the group. We used Hero Forge to make the minis. For those who are unfamiliar with them, Hero Forge provide allow you to design your own miniature and then get it 3D printed there and then. Their turn around is pretty good and they have a huge selection of option with which to build your mini from. Any ways, here is the model I created to represent our buddy Keron.

Introducing Keron, the Friendliest Man in Warh- "ahem"- I mean with a Warhammer! The colours are based off Keron's Empire army from Warhammer. It's a much brighter palette than I normally use, but I want to try and imitate Keron's style from that army. It's much cleaner and brighter than my usual "cover it in washes and rust" approach to painting models. especially of recent months.

I've had a chance to get some INQ28 stuff painted at last and will hopefully get a chance to paint some more soon...

... but first there's some Lord of the Rings on the horizon so I'll get to painting some more Orcs I think.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Comic Con or Bust!

It's that time of year again, I'm heading to Cardiff Film and Comic Con to peddle my artistic wares and chat nerd with my fellow attendees and traders. This year I'll be working under the banner of Deadstar Publishing as they take multiple new releases to the masses. New Dolphin Squad, new previews and most important (to me anyway) new Age of Savagery! AoS was debuted last weekend at Swansea Comic and Gaming Con and was very well received by the crowd and the creators that were present. This weekend will hopefully be more of the same, with a bigger crowd, more of the creators present and a two day show to celebrate the efforts of over 20 creators!

I've been looking forward to this show for weeks now as it's the first Con I'll be attending with my new work this year. I'm super excited to be able to talk to people about a project that has been a true labour of love for over year and a community driven labour at that. So if you're in the 'Diff this weekend, come to CFCC and say "Hello" to myself and the other contributors that'll be present like the boys at Hell Bound Media, Danny of Dolphin Squad fame and hopefully a few others that might come out of the wood work.

If you can't make it to CFCC, but are still interested in AoS or Dolphin Squad or any of the other cool titles that Deadstar carry, you can order stuff from HERE.

Hopefully see you there guys 'n' gals!

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

The Saga of the "Age of Savagery"

At long last I can finally say this, Age of Savagery is complete, off to the printers and is available (for pre-order at least) on Deadstar Publishing's webstore. Ten stories, 22 Creators and a butt load of heart & soul, this has been a saga for me since the initial submissions call almost a YEAR ago!. I could not be happier with the awesome work people have submitted.

Way back early last year, before I approached Kev with the rather grand idea of open submissions, I was just struggling to get Issue 4 of New Wasteland Fairy Tales off the ground.

I just couldn't get into the story I had written and the whole theme had seemed to take a rather grim turn. I wasn't board with the title, far from it, NWFT will be getting new installments, but something was nagging me. An itch at the back of my mind that needed to be scratched. I didn't want big pink robots and have silly-slap stick in this story, I want something a bit more... savage.

And so began the doodles, I was scribbling ideas and designs for a about a month every chance I could get. Reading old Conan comics, looking up old-school fantasy novels and re-watching 80's fantasy movies to get a feel for what I wanted. Eventually I had a world and a short story that I was happy with, but it was to short a story to publish alone and I had sunk too much time and effort into the World building to let it collect dust on the shelf, so I talked to Kev about it. Initially I thought we'd just drum up other stories from else where and just publish a mixed anthology, but I think it was showing him the sketches and ideas I'd come up with that got him excited.

We took the idea to CFCC last year and told anyone that would listen. We asked artists and writers, old and new until I'd exhausted my ability to speak at volume. (to those who know me as "Shouty Dave" this was a big deal) Within the first  2 months we had our first completed submission from Josh Sommerville-Jacklin and soon after we had prose and art submitted from people I hadn't heard from in years.

It was all shaping up until the printer botched the deadline. We were scheduled to release in October, but without a big event between CFCC and Xmas that we could attend, Kev and I made the hard choice to delay release until the New Year.

Going into 2018 and we had our events calendar set up and ready to go. We were hoping to get everything ready for Swansea Comic and Gaming Con, but between an exploding hard drive and the printers once again making a mockery of our time table, it was looking tight. That said, we can confirm that AoS has gone to print and we will be launching (if not this weekend in Swansea) then certainly the weekend 12th-13th at Cardiff Film and Comic Con. We made it folks, a year in the making and the efforts of over twenty talented people, but we made it.

I feel it fitting that an anthology of Barbarian short stories should have it's own saga about it. From humble begins to the heady rush of early success with the initial submissions. Onto trials and woe of the first failed printer deadline and then the limbo of additional editing leading into Xmas. But on the horizon was the hope of a grand release, we merely had to conquer our long standing foe... The Printers. Through many angry phone calls, sleepless nights and an uncooperative computer system, Kev battled this nemesis with all the energy a sleep deprived editor could muster. Right now he stands victorious upon a pile disgruntled emails and invoices ready to strike at The Printers again should they present a threat to our CFCC release date a third time....

I, his chronicler, once asked of Kev, "What is best in life?"
He responded "To get eight hour sleep. To have the printers do as they're told first time. To hear the lamentations of their manager."

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Yet More Rambling

This seems to have become a trend of late. Without a dedicated project to work on, I've nothing to update, and what I have been doing can't be shown for..... reasons? Nothing sinister, just my gaming group and I have stuff in the works so I'm keeping it under wraps for now.

That said Age of Savagery, the barbarian anthology that I've been dragging along to the printers for the last six months is finally within spitting distance of completion. (Crossing ALL of the fingers) That will be a great boost to the comic cons I have lined up this year and I'll be shouting out about that in the next few weeks. For now here's a preview of some of the art that's been include. This was originally done as a place holder for art hat was lost. (Computer death), but the original artist that was illustrating the first piece was able to save the it in time! So this was kept around as extra.

I've been scratching away at the 40K and INQ28 itchs too. I picked up some Ork Dreads for my week off, but they've since continued into the next week and probably further.

There's also the never ending stream of random INQ28 ideas that haunt me every time I look at bitz box

So some art, some cobbling and some rambling what sounds like excuses for lack of content. Hmm, maybe there's some sculpting to do......

Sunday, 15 April 2018

New Wastelands Redux!

My goodness what a week. I've been busting the last few working days and I'm finally taking a well deserved week off. So what does that mean? Well thankfully it means I can finish of a few projects that have been stuck in limbo for a long while and made a start on others.

Now the BIG update. This project is still early days and I'm glad to have finally made a start at long last. New Wasteland Fairy Tales was my first ever self published work. Back in 2013 when Cardiff's indy comic scene was looking a bit healthier, I initially printed 100 copies for my debut show. I met loads of people and got to talk non-stop about my first issue and come the end of the weekend, I had sold out of the first 100 issues and had the fire and inspiration to carry on my work. Due to costs, the first print run was in black and white. This never detered anyone that bought the comics, but it always bugged me and I promised one day I'd return and release a full coloured product. Now, almost 7 years later, the time has come to get the 3 finished issues I have and put the brushes back to them.

This is the first two pages of Issue 1 fully coloured and ready to go. It's a small start, but I was excited to show these off. If only to show that New Wasteland Fairy Tales as a series limps on. Despite, house moves, job changes and a near ceaseless work load, it still LIMPS ON!!!! For anyone who can't wait to find out about this story, the current issues are available from DEADSTAR PUBLISHING The coloured updates are a loooooooong way off yet, but as always I'll keep people updated.

At the smaller end of the completion spectrum are a few more Grots for my Ork army. Arguably you can never have enough of these li'l guys on the board, but I aim to see if I can prove people wrong in the future.

I've also been saving my pennies and with some time, I've decided to take the plunge and get some proper Ork Dreds. Yeah I have the Kans, but with the success I've been having with them, I'm looking to up my game. eBay has been providing some lucky finds, but my FLGS is going to be providing the bulk of the parts to start scrapping together a number of big stompy robots. I'll update more on those when I have something to show.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Share The Love

First time in a long time that illness has knocked be down, but Pappy Nurgle came-a-callin' . Not a lot to do at the time, but recover. Hence why there was no post last week and why this week is a little bit sparse on stuff I've actually done. That said there is plenty on the horizon for me and I think it's worth giving some love not only to my friends in the Indy publishing world locally, but also a rundown of some of the local events I've got coming up in the next few months.

Deadstar Publishing is currently putting the finishing touches to quite a few titles coming out in the soon. Namely Dolphin Squad Vol 2 by Danny J. Weston and soon to be followed by Age of Savagery featuring work from myself and Danny, who was responsible for colouring and laying out the cover art for AoS. It's really only a matter of time at this stage, but it's going to be a busy year those boys.

The next big event for me will be CFCC next month, but there are few smaller comic cons around my area that are well worth a look. Also happening at the start of May will be Swansea Comic and Gaming Con and then Caerphilly Comic Con taking place in June. Though relatively new, I attended both events last year and they were both excellent days out. Also happening in June...

Oh yes! CICE is back for another year and is returning to it's old haunt at the Mercure Hotel in Cardiff. For those who have never been, put the event on your calendar and come on by. It's a lot of fun and the CICE organizers have worked hard to build the Indy Comics scene here in Cardiff for a long time and it's great to see their strength returning after a hiatus a couple of years ago. 

Let me know of any other Comic Cons or cool events of a similar type happening in Cardiff that I may have missed. I should be back on form with my own work soon so next time, pictures. I promise.