Monday, 18 June 2018

Work in the Garden

Well last week seems to have been the end of British summer weather and it's back to the usual gloomy rain for a bit. Thankfully, I was able to get a few hours out int the sun shine to work on my Dice Tower. Mostly to get some paint on it, but also I was feeling fancy...

I got some pretty flowers in my last Model Box (like loot crate for wargamers) and thought they'd finish of the the tower nicely. Not sure what the Uruk-Hai Shaman makes of it all, he was put there for scale.

I've also had a chance the last few days to finish off some much needed reinforcements for my 40K Orks. Just an extra few Boyz, but the last few games have shown me that you can never have too many bodies on the field. Sometimes quantity is better over quality.

The Rogue Trader era banner bearer was particularly interesting to me. It was only as I was painting him that I started to notice how much detail is on this model. The busted old Marine helmets and shoulder pads are obvious, but the Iron Cross on his uniform, the broken bottle hanging from the banner and the fact that one of the helmets is so damaged that you can see the skeletal remains within make this one of my favourite Oldhammer models to date

Until next time.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

New Architecture

Hello all! I'm back from Caerphilly Comic Con and it was amazing. Once again, it's events like this that really gives me the enthusiasm to keep doing Comic Cons as well as drawing and writing cool stories. There was a lot to see and do at the show, a MASSIVE "Thank you" to the organizer, Vik, and to my comrades on the Deadstar Publishing stand, Danny and Kev. But also thanks to everyone who showed up and made the event a day to remember. For me, one of the high lights is seeing people who have never been to a Con and genuinely look like they're enjoying themselves. It was also a joy to celebrate Deadstar Publishing's 8th Birthday in style with CAKE!

We've been looking over our books from the last few shows (3 cons in 3 weeks plus full time jobs is an exhausting stretch) and things are looking up. With five new releases this year, Deadstar is actually seeing it's best sales in a while. It has taken a long time to get all of this together mind so don't think this is a shameless brag, a lot of people have put their time and effort into making their creative work the best it can be, traveling across country to promote what we do and the people that buy the comics and books Deadstar puts out. It all helps.

I also got lucky during the charity auction and picked up this little piece of kit.

I've always wanted a Dice Tower (because I'm juvenile like that) and I can buy one for charity and not have to feel bad...right? I've decided to spruce it up a bit with some paint and texture so it can double as a scenery piece for my gaming board. The Tower is from for those interested in looking them up :) Here are some more WIP shots.

The decking on the top of the tower is removable so it can still be a dice tower mid game. The little pot acts as a handle.

Friday, 8 June 2018

For He's a Jolly G- OOH CAKE!

Just a quick post ahead of Caerphilly Comic Con tomorrow, Deadstar Publishing, the indy comic house that carries a lot of my comic work are 8 years old tomorrow! A happy little coincidence that we here at Grinning Loon Towers have used as an excuse to get make CAKE! We'll be there with all the usual assortment of goodies, like New Wasteland Fairy Tale, Dolphin Squad and Age of Savagery, not mention a few new pieces as well. In terms of releases, this has been a great year for Deadstar.

So pop along to Caerphilly Comic Con tomorrow and check out some comics, grab some cake, oh.... and this guy!

That's right, I finally got the big guy cast up and I'll have a limited number available for sale at Caerphilly. I've got plenty more on the way, but I'll announce when they turn up if anyone is interested. Those that are thinking this is slightly out of place, don't worry I'm in good company as a few hobby shops and board game sellers will be representing the gaming masses so hopefully the Troll will have some buddies to play with.

So see you there!

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Carry Comic Con

It's another Con this weekend and by god is gonna be good. Caerphilly Comic Con was a lot of fun last year and I'm looking forward to more of the same. For those that missed out last year, Caerphilly Con was brilliantly organised and super family friendly. Everyone in attendance had a great time and I'm sure this second event will continue the trend.

CICE was a fun show and it was great to return to the Mercure Hotel this year. So many talented independent creators and so much stuff I hadn't seen before. CICE is definitely a show to keep coming back to. I've heard the organizers are taking a break for 2019, but will be back in force for 2020 so watch this space.

I've not been to idol myself either. The Cons over the last few weeks have demanded a lot of my attention, but I've found the time to get some more work done on New Wasteland Fairy Tales. I can honestly say that despite the original artwork being over 5 years old, adding some colour to the pages has really altered how I see the comic in the best way. I'm eager to get all three issues coloured, but I'm not going to rush it. See for yourself...

A final word for Caerphilly Con this weekend, DragonDaze will have a healthy presence there with several board and miniature game stores. With that in mind I've put some rather hurried plans in to action. If the planets align and the post man is on time, I may have some thing special for Caerphilly.....

Monday, 28 May 2018

CICE Back Home

A brief bit of the history from the outside of this little con. Cardiff Indy Comic Expo used to run a 2 day event in Cardiff's Mercure Hotel waaay back when I first started doing cons. The last few years saw CICE drop off the scene for a little while, but you can't keep a good con down. After a brief run of events at the Cardiff Masonic Lodge, CICE is finally coming home to the Mercure Hotel!

It's been a long road for the organizers to get back here, but the effort that has been put into the last few years and going forward has been appreciated. Not just by me, but the guests and the Independent publishing community in general. When I first moved to Cardiff back in 2010, the indy comics scene was a big a vibrant community that aloud me to get my own work out into the world, but also introduced me to some wonderful new titles as well as a lot of friends.

So if you're close by this weekend and you want to be a part of something creative and awesome, pop in and take a look. We'll be there (Myself and Kev from Deadstar) as well as many others all showing off our own comics and stories. There'll still be plenty of the usual mainstream stuff, but if you fancy looking at some home-grown talent or just something a bit different from the norm, then this is the show for you.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Return to the Green

Just a little sculpting project this week. A Buddy of mine is looking top do a fantasy Mughul army for Kings of War. To try and save himself some cash, he's asked me to sculpt him some heads for conversions. It's been a while since my last sculpting project and I always like to dip back into these things to keep my putty skills sharp.

They're still WIP I have to add beards and side flaps to the helmets, but I think they're coming along.

On a selfish note, this seemed like a good excuse to do some work on my LOTR Angmar army. I'd picked up the Gundabad Ogres a while back, but my plans for a Gundabad Army never took off. So with some extra work I'm turning them into Angmar Trolls...
The first troll has just had a bit of a nose job and the addition of a crude flail using jewelry chain. The second Troll is a bit more involved.

I'll be using him as a Troll Chieftain. I'm going to add a skull necklace for added "grim" factor, but the mask and sword are done.

Until next time folks.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

On Wards and Upwards!

CFCC is is done for the time being, but it will resurface later in the year. For now though I'll just say it was great to see some friends I don't see very often and I i was glad to meet so many new people at the event. AoS was well received as was Dolphin Squad 2. All-in-all the Deadstar Team had a cracking weekend and are looking forward to the next lot of events. Deadstar will be attending London MCM at the end of the month as well as Cardiff Independent Comic Expo the following week and Caerphilly Comic Con the week after. I won't be at London myself, but I will be at the other two shows.

So with Comic Cons filling up the schedule for the next few weeks, will there be time for hobbying? You betcha!

A little piece I've had stashed away for a while now. My regular gaming group are planning Dungeon Crawler with each of our character models have been designed by someone else in the group. We used Hero Forge to make the minis. For those who are unfamiliar with them, Hero Forge provide allow you to design your own miniature and then get it 3D printed there and then. Their turn around is pretty good and they have a huge selection of option with which to build your mini from. Any ways, here is the model I created to represent our buddy Keron.

Introducing Keron, the Friendliest Man in Warh- "ahem"- I mean with a Warhammer! The colours are based off Keron's Empire army from Warhammer. It's a much brighter palette than I normally use, but I want to try and imitate Keron's style from that army. It's much cleaner and brighter than my usual "cover it in washes and rust" approach to painting models. especially of recent months.

I've had a chance to get some INQ28 stuff painted at last and will hopefully get a chance to paint some more soon...

... but first there's some Lord of the Rings on the horizon so I'll get to painting some more Orcs I think.