Thursday, 9 November 2017

Slow Week

So earlier this year I picked up a junk lot at a market of Space Marines and random bits. The original post is HERE for those that haven't read that far back. The results of this bodgit experiment was a fully converted Night Lords' Kill Team that is still receiving additions from time to time. Once again diving into a box of second hand junk, spare parts and abandoned minis I've managed to dig out a bunch of long neglected Chaos Terminators

Seriously, look at this guy. There's as much super glue as there is paint on this one.

So into the dip they go! the plan is to go to town on these models as I did with the original Kill Team. Another long term project that'll keep me busy.

At the moment though, I've been filling my time with my favorite painting project, Orks! I finally caved in and bought some new toys for the new addition. I can Killa Kan!

Magnetized weapons and ready for a few layers of rust and chrome before properly taking the field! I've also found the time to build some classic Kommandos and get to painting the Ork Kill Team I started a while back.

Blimey! I thought this post would be a short piece about how little I've been doing. Turns out I've been quite industrious, who knew?


  1. I'm assuming you already know this, but neat liquid Dettol works a treat to strip paint from metal miniatures: Realm of Chaos 80s: How to use Dettol to best clean up painted miniatures › 2014/01


    2. Yup, a friend gave me that little tip a few months back. Works a treat! Though I think I missed the step on the washing-up liquid so thanks for the link. Always good to learn new things :)