Sunday, 29 January 2017

The Dwarfs Are Upon You!!!

Just a short post today. After many false starts and failed attempts to cut corners (most are my own fault) I've finally made the start to sculpt the Dwarf infantry I've been banging on about the last few months. These pictures are still early days, but it'll give everyone a hint as to how I'm working.

Gimli from GW Lord of the Rings range for scale.

As ever, thoughts and comments always welcome.

Monday, 23 January 2017

'Ome-Base, For All Your DIY Needs

Finished the Ork fort today and what a beautiful piece of architecture it is. complete with gate, smoke stacks and aerial defense weapons' platform. Everything that a budding Ork Boss is looking for in real estate.

This was fun to work on and I'm really happy with the results. The whole fort can be set up as separate parts to build a rough out post or (with a few extra scenery pieces) a small town. I'm liking the idea of some small shanty style lean-tos and tents to bulk out the settlement, but for now I'm leaving it as is.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Stylish Beards and Monstrous Concepts

Well my first Comic con of the year is done and a fun time was had by all. A big thanks to the organizers who never seemed to stop moving for a second and also to my colleagues and new found found friends on the traders stand for keeping me laughing. I'm looking forward to the next Geek I-Con.

During the down time between my last post, I've been busy with redecorating the Grinning Loon Central, but the Dwarf mold and casts still underway at the casters, it seemed a good a time as any. I should have a batch to begin work on in the next few days and then I'll start posting my progress, but for now I've some more concept art to keep the project alive.

First up, they wouldn't be fantasy Dwarfs without beards so I've been doing some hair designs for them and the lady Dwarfs as well. Mostly, I've been looking to viking hair styles and of course the Lord of the Rings for inspiration.

I'll be playing around a bit more with styles and braids when I get sculpting but my plans are out stripping my progress right now. Whilst I'm working on the dwarfs I've decided to use any leftover putty as I go to build the armature for something bigger

 Much bigger. I've been reading the Sillmarillion (listening to audio book because I'm lazy) of late and I've got the itch to revisit my orcs and goblin sculpts from last year and provide for them a new friend. The troll is a long term project that isn't likely to see completion for some time, but I thought people would like to see what I have in mind at this early stage.

That's all for now.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Comics, Art and Vader

A new year and I'm starting my Comic Con appearances nice and early. This weekend (14th-15th January will be Geek I-Con in Cardiff's Angel Hotel. Once again I'll be showing off comics art and generally enjoy all the other cool stuff that the con will be showing off. Chief among these being their special guest, Spencer Wilding aka Darth Vader from Rogue One. Looking forward to seeing a few friends I haven't seen in a while too.

Next up, some more work for Cakebread and Walton that was completed over Xmas (See, told you was busy) This time the theme was "Space" and I was given quite a bit of freedom on this project. Thanks again for extra Xmas present money guys.

Finally a word on the continued attempts at casting. I've cleaned the mold and been advised the next few cast (assuming they are successful) may be a bit rough. At this stage I'm just hoping I don't need to replace the mold. Fingers, toes and all other available appendages are crossed for this one. As soon as I know I'll get pictures.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Dwarfs Are Cursed! Cursed I Tell You!

A quick update and some general ramblings for you today. I managed to try out the new mold at last and got my first cast. Not a bad effort and good enough for my purposes.

A shame the second cast was a total bodged job. Between the cold, my inexperience and just general lack of attention span I now currently have a mold filled with what I can only describe as grey cake mix. I now have to clean the mold to get it back in play, but this potentially sets me back by another week, maybe more. I'm beginning to think that this whole dwarf project is hexed or something as every turn has hit some kind of delay. Who knows, I may get them finished in the end...2018 if I work really hard.

On the brighter side of things, I've still been working on my Ork Fort and a few more models for my 40K army. I still have that rematch with Gaz later this month so I've got to get some new toy ready for that.

Below are quite possibly my favourite models from GW: the Ork Kommando Mob. there is just so much character in these guys and the Boss just has loads of details that made him a joy to paint.

Until next time. (hopefully with some more dwarf progress)

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

....And We Are BACK!

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to your regular programming. First thing, excuses and pleads then straight onto important stuff. (you know, Xmas swag). Christmas is a busy time in work for me and there is no way around it. what little time there was for hobby or even commissions was squeezed into breaks or around general Christmas stuff so I can only apologize for the lack of updates

So, before December got into full swing and I ended up living in my place of work for what felt like the whole month, I posted up a picture of this little fellow.

Now, my plans haven't changed, but unfortunately, December being what it is in regards to postage and people doing shopping/partying/family/etc it has delayed me until recently from doing any more work on him. Thankfully I have the molds and have finally set aside time to learn the casting process enough to suit my needs, so I should be back on track with sculpting in about a fortnight or so. Considering I wanted to start sculpting now and have the casts done before New Years, I'll settle for what I can get right now.

Next up, Blood Bowl came out and I got me a shiny new copy for Christmas. I still want to paint up my all girl dwarf team (since named The Brewery Maidens) as I sculpted the mech pilot back in November and it would be a shame to let her story end there. So here's a quick WIP shot.

Not too clear I know, but give me time. As the box came with the new orc and human teams, they've also been added to the painting roster. I don't have a painted orc team so that's nothing new for me, but I do have a converted human team that's seen some league play over the years. So it is with some sense of loss that I retire the Townhill Titans 2014 team, pictured below along with their most up to-date roster. (I included the roster for the benefit of a few friends who may enjoy a laugh)

I shall have a few more bits to show off in the coming month and there will be plenty of battle reports, comic cons, art work and all the usual stuff that you've come to expect from this eclectic mess of a blog through out the year so I shall end with Happy New Year from Dave P (aka The Grinning Loon)