Monday, 4 December 2017

Dino Dealings

This has been an insane week. Christmas in work is in full swing and there is no end in sight, but my Boss decided to through one last spanner in the works an conscript me and a few other members of staff into helping with a birthday cake. Nothing a team of trained chefs, artists, sculptors and creatives can't handle you might think, well that's before we were told his plan... a dinosaur themed cake, with eatable dinosaur surrounding an erupting volcano AN ACTUAL ERUPTING VOLCANO CAKE! All to be finished a round Christmas bookings and general mayhem.

Let's do this!

So between all of us, the work was divided up and we got the supplies. I was tasked with sculpting a T-Rex and a Pterodactyl from modeling icing. This stuff is a million miles from green stuff (not just because green stuff isn't eatable) It cracks, it sweats, it sticks to everything it shouldn't, it generally doesn't behave like anything I've actually sculpted with up to now. Still, I'm a fast learner.

My mistake at this stage was thinking that the icing would actually defy gravity as well as my known sculpting knowledge. Over night the T-Rex became a little.... depressed.

A little work and a few candy sticks, I was able to get the king of the dinosaurs to a more upright position. Once I got him into work, it was time to put all are collective efforts together. I got to paint up all the dinosaurs, whilst the rest of the team worked on the base and volcano.

A little colour and these little monster really came to life. It really was a team effort for the final hours of construction and decoration. Thankfully I didn't have the headache job of transporting it to the birthday party, but in the end it made it much to the joy of the Birthday Girl.

The final touches....

This was an interesting side project to work on. definitely something new as I've never had to sculpt with food safety standards in mind, though the icing was a pain to work with. Until next time.

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