Saturday, 30 April 2016

Critters Out of Time

Well I aimed for 3 posts a week and I've missed my own deadlines. In my defence I do have plenty of work to show off to make up for my tardiness.
As part of an on going project, I've been doing some sketches of prehistoric critters. Here's a few quick scans of some of my favourites so far. I apologise for the poor quality of the scans.

In addition, I've also been super busy painting up an image for Shed Games up coming project: The Book of Nox.

And finally... a giant angry Warg from Lord of the Rings. This was done for a local painting contest, so hopefully something will come of my efforts, but even if it doesn't win it was an absolute joy to paint.

Until next week.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Goblins Everywhere

These pieces were showcased a while a go, but I like to bring them back to the surface every so often.
I'v actually been working on several new short stories done in a similar style and I'll be looking to release them at a future comic con (after I finish every else I need to do).

For now though, enjoy this short look into the goblin filled halls King Gorduz Fatboy Crazy-Pants III

The original King Gorduz continues as the head of the Grinning Loon Army. Soon we goblins will conquer the world BAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!

Friday, 22 April 2016

Wise Guys, Whiskey and Wierd

Released earlier this week at Salute from Great Escape Games, The Chicago Way allows you to play the best bits from your favourite gangster movies. The rule book includes everything to get you up and running including a poster and campaign map  to go along with the progression system to build your gang from street hoods to kingpins.

I was able to get my hands on a set of Moonshiners for myself and painted up some cops and gangsters for the Salute demo table.

And next up, few shots from last nights game of Hordes of the Things. My legions of the Undead versus Dwarf and Human alliance. Went really well until my gamble to retake the flank failed, leaving me leaderless. Next time...

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Cakebread and Walton make What?

Something a bit different today, Folks.

A little while back I did some work for some very nice people on a series of one shot RPG rules. Now the wonderfully pleasant duo of Cakebread and Walton have approached me again for a new project and this time it's a BIGGY. I won't say too much as the boys will be more than happy to talk about the project over on their website (linked above)

I, however, will give a quick mention of their OneDice series. A set of quick and easy RPG rules with a variety of settings, from the usual fantasy, steampunk and sci-fi to more unique genres of RPG such as B-movies, cold war and world war 2. So now I've waffled sufficiently I'll get on with some work and leave you all alone for another few days. Here's a selection of the work I've done for the OneDice series so far and there will be more to come.

Monday, 18 April 2016

New Project and Old Bones

Hello all,
 Another week and another post. To try and keep things in some resemblance of a structure, I've decided to update 3 times a week as best as I can. Thankfully I've a bucket load of stuff kicking around, so no matter what I will usually have something cool to show off.

Last weekend was Salute. Unfortunately I couldn't go, but a friend was able to make it on my behalf and grab a few freebies as well as some pre-orders. (I'll get around to these another time.) At the moment though, my work schedule is taken up with a painting for some box art, courtesy of Shed Games and their up coming game release, The Book of Nox. Go have a look at what these guys do. If you like dungeon crawling at a high standard for a low cost then check them out. Below is a test piece of things to come from me.

Also on my painting table, undead! Due to the return of Game of Thrones next month I've taken to playing a bit of Horde of the Things down my friendly local gaming store. A very simple set of rules that work in most scales of miniatures, ideally small scale and mass numbers. Last week my regular HOTT sparing partner and I played a small skirmish and this week we'll be going all out for a bit of Wildling on White Walker action. For now though, here are few pictures of the newly resurrected in action against some fantasy Samurai.

 Those archers held for a really long time. When they were finally killed my buddy dropped his composure slightly

 Apparently, I don't approve of flanking manoeuvres.

 In a last desperate attempt to win the battle, the Diamyo decides to challenge the Undead King. Considering himself above such things as duelling, the Undead King orders his minions to do the job for him. Victory to the undead with the death of the Samurai General.

Until next time.