Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Day-After Halloween Special

It's been a super busy old time the last few weeks. I've changed jobs again and been spending some time fixing up the ol' homestead, but now it's back to the brushes! In between mental work shifts and a never ending "To-Do" I managed to sneak in a few hours painting.

First up, the final member of my Night Lords Kill Team, The Shreaker. A Raptor convertion to round off the squad nicely I think. I still think Shadow War is a fantastic alternative to regular Necromunda, but with all the shiny new stuff being shown off for actual Necromunda I will no doubt find myself painting up a House Gang at some point.

I've final jumped back in to 40K. It took a while and a little inspiration, but I've started painting up some new addition for my Ork army to bring them up to speed with the new rules. Joining the painted masses is a Painboy, a Waaagh! Banner bearer and a new Mek Boy. I've since found out that Dreds are SUPER stompy under the new rules so I'll be getting a bunch of them

So that's been my efforts for the last week. Not a great deal, but progress nonetheless. I also managed to find time to crank out a pumpkin this year...

...and get a costume together.

Happy Halloween!!!

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