Saturday, 21 October 2017

After the Hobbit (part4)

It's been a long road, but we've reached the end of our campaign. Following in the footsteps of Balin, Rob and I have taken to Moria and pretty much retold history as it happened in the books. For a recap of the campaign, check previous PART1, PART2 & PART3. But it isn't over yet... Going into the Final chapter, can Rob salvage the last shreds of Dwarvish honour or will the Goblins horde slaughter them in anonymity?

They Are Coming...

In the depths of Moria, Balin has been entombed in the kingdom he sought to reclaim and the few survivors have rallied themselves for their last stand. They are few in number, hungry and far from home, but not without hope. The Dwarfs know that they cannot escape, but will sell their lives if but one of their number can make it back to Erebor with news of the expedition. In the darkness, something far more sinister than mere goblins moves to intervene.

As the fires of the Balrog are seen filling the gloom, the Dwarfs waste no time and begin their escape. Goblins pour into the hall from the great gates and is through one of these that the Dwarf survivors dash towards.

The Goblin Shaman calls on the blood lust of his minions to hold the Dwarfs from escaping, but it is not time yet. Knowing the Dwarfs have the best chance if they can break their attacker's will to pursue, the Warriors of Moria go to work on the Goblins with their axes.

Meanwhile, holding the tomb entrance as best they can, a few brave Dwarfs make heroic efforts against the mounting Goblins. Soon their bravery will be tested...

With a roar, The Balrog enters the fray. The cavern shakes with it's monstrous footfalls and the Goblins swarm the tomb chamber. The few Dwarf warriors within hold their axes ready.

With their demonic overlord at their backs, the Goblins push forwards. The few Dwarfs still in the Tomb are swept aside, lost in the sea of rusted metal and gleaming eyes. Despite the swarm of foes, the stoic Dwarfs fight on still.

At the gate, The Goblin Shaman is slain and his entourage put to the axe. Though more Goblins arrive to fill the gap, The Dwarf warriors have made their stand. The gate to the tunnels almost theirs.

Alas, Fire and Death had come at last. Hurling a burning Dwarf across the cavern, the Balrog burst from the Tomb Chamber, his Goblin underlings spreading before him. The flaming dwarf crashed into two of his comrades, alerting the Dwarfs holding gate to their peril.

As the mighty Balrog advanced, a challenge in the tongue of the Dwarfs was called out from the Tomb. Surrounded by foes and bleeding from dozens of small injuries, the last Khazad Guard charged the Balrog.

The few Dwarfs still standing at the turned into the tunnels and made their escape. The Sacrifice of their fellows would not be in vain. Only one of their number needed to get through the Goblin patrols....

....Only one made it home to Erebor.

"One Dwarf Still Draws Breath!"
It was a tense final game. Rob had no heroes to rely on and had to work from tactics and dice alone. He couldn't have made a better go of it and it was a satisfactory end to our Campaign. In the end  the Goblins gave total annihilation to the Dwarfs in the Tomb,  but a single Dwarf made it back to Erebor. With Dwarfs fulfilling half their objectives (the other being to kill 20 Goblins) the outcome was a Draw.
Well done to Rob for his efforts to really save face in the final mission and thanks also to Ross (Go check out his YOUTUBE stuff) for supplying some additional scenery to the board. It was a great experience to play a story campaign like this and for those interested I heartily recommend it as something different. It was a great excuse to get my Balrog painted so that alone should be an endorsement.

I hope you enjoyed this series of posts. I'm looking forward to doing more in the future.


  1. Great report - exciting game. Cracking paint job on the balrog. Really vivid colours and gives the look of fire.
    Thanks also for the mention :)

  2. An excellent read, and it's been great following the (mis)fortunes of the dwarves. A non-hero-led force must have been mighty tricky, so kudos to the player! Well done on an entertaining campaign.

    So, when will you be reliving the path of the entire Fellowship? ;)

  3. Rob made me work for it in the last game. I offered him the chance to promote a Dwarf to a sergeant and give him at least a single point of might on the field, but he boldly declined.

    As for the Fellowship, that could take a while... though we've discussed some other possibilities.