Thursday, 23 November 2017

Kans, Cars and Invisible Ordeals

Another short blog post this week. I've been dealing with the growing list of Xmas nonsense that's been building in work and so a lot of the fun stuff has had to be side lined for the time being. That said I get my brushes working when I can in the evenings.

So first up is the progress on the Kans. I love these models and the few games I've played with them have only increased my need to get them finished. If I get a bit of spare cash come new years, I'll see about getting another box as these models are awesome. Easy to put together and fun to customize, also my method of painting Ork vehicles is really quick so it'll allow me to get other stuff done before Xmas too.

Speaking of other stuff. I got the confirmation email today. My Gaslands bundle is on it's way as an early Xmas present to myself (cos I earned it, so there) and knowing that I need to get the rest of Cars ready for the wastelands. Team Read is already to go, just have to finish Teams Blue and Yellow

Finally for this update, a snippet of a finished commission for SHED Games. I still have a bunch of dungeon tiles from these guys. Perhaps I should make it my New years resolution to get them finished and get a game out of them. Ah well that's a Future Dave problem. Until then, here's a portrait of the invisible man in his Birthday suit. Enjoy!

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