Friday, 30 September 2016

Down in Goblin Town

Well the scenery is finished and what better way to try it out than with a game full of goblins and shinanigins. I was really happy with the finished throne piece and the board walks are nothing special, but combine them everything else you get a pretty cool looking table for the escape from Goblin Town mission out of the Hobbit.

Here are a few pictures of the Goblin Town Massive along side the scaffolding I built and the throne.

 As promised, Goblin Town in full swing, complete with Thorin's Company. I'm pleased with this little project as everything except the large, grey rock towers was built and painted by me, so it's something of a long term showcase. On that note, a little bit of background for this game. As per the film, the players are only aloud to run along the board walks and around the rocks as everything else is just a shear drop into the deep. (kind of like a tiny scale game of "The Floor is Lava). Thorin's Company have to grab their weapons from beside the throne and then make their escape. Gandalf will arrive later in the game, but as per Wizard tradition, never late.

Thorin and the boys look ready to kick off.....
 ...Shame there are a few goblins between them and their gear.

 Dwalin makes a play for the weapons stash, bouncing a few goblins off the the platform in the process.

 Despite being fully equiped again, Dwalin takes a beating at the hands of the Goblin King. Very nearly getting thrown off the platform.

 The dwarves make a solid attempt at a breakout, but goblin re-enforcements soon arrive.

 "A Wizard is never late..." BULLS***!
 With Thorin fully tooled up with Orcrist, the Goblin King decides to back off and take on less choppy pray.

 Bifur goes nuts and carves up Goblins like a champion.
  Despite lobbing Gloin and Dori of the platform, the Goblin King soon follows the Dwarfs into the chasm. Four against one seems very unfair to me.

 Gandalf FINALLY catches up to the rest of the company, stopping to chat to the Goblin Scribe along the way. Silly old man with his long winded stories about nothing.
In the end the dwarves failed to get out of goblin town in time and lost three of their number in the process. But if the King can come back from falling off his throne, why can't the rest of them. Until next time.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Comic Con Cymru: Capitol Takeover

Tomorrow is the second event to run under the title of ComicCon Cymru this year (the first way back in January) and the response to the last event was excellent. Everyone from the people through the door right up to the celebrity guests had a great time and plenty of fun.

This weekend, I'm sure, will be a strong follow up so come along and see some of the local artists that Cardiff and further afield has to offer, check out my usual supply of comics for sale and meet a few celebs......

There will also be cookies!
note: Cookies are limited to the length of time it takes me to eat them all so hurry :)

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Now on JUMBOTRON!!!!!

So this weekend is Comic Con Cymru here in Cardiff and as it's alocal event for me I'll be there selling my usual swag consisting of comics and pink robot themed merchendise. Most artist strive to get put in a gallery or have their work published in a book. But that isn't for me! Oh no, I went to the king of distributed media..... JUMBOTRON!

*sniff* It's a proud day for the Grinning Loon Project. No goblin has achieved such lofty hights.

 If you fancy coming along then please do so. All relivent information can be found HERE

Now that I've got the important stuff out of the way I can carry on with my usual pile of waffle. Progress on the Goblin Town scenery continues and following an event in Newport, I have yet more goblins to throw onto the painting table, but more about them another day.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

A Return To (De-)Form

Well now that my annual leave has been spent I think it's about time to get back to work. Whilst away I was free to do some sketches for myself for a change and have since decided to make a start on a new personal modeling project.

This new project will be something of an experiment, a mix of doodled madness and a means to develop my sculpting skills in different areas. The plan, such as it is, is to build an army for Age of Sigmar using only my bits box as the basis for any models. That means every model will either be heavily converted, kit bashed or scratch built from the ground up. With exception of bases and a few raw materials I shall be purchasing nothing new.

The ground work for the army will feature the Warriors of Chaos painted up earlier this month and pictured below.

From here on out though, I'll be limited to using models I already own or are built from odds and ends. As this is a Chaos army I'm going to specialise in mutants and mad men as a theme and build on that. Here are a couple of paintings I did whilst I was away that have acted as both concept art and inspiration for what is to come.

In addition to this grand(ish) annoucement, I've also been working on some scenery. This time I've been hard at work alongside the rest of my goblin brethren building the neccessary architequture to bring Goblin Town out of the Hobbit movie and onto my gaming table. Here are a few work in progress shots for some scaffolding and the Goblin King's throne.

There is currently a shortage of coffee stirrer in my area after building these.

Until next time...

Monday, 5 September 2016

Grinning Loon Abroad

Well it's been long over due, but I'm finally taking some well deserved time off from work and everything else in general. Which means, as some may have guessed, I will be away for a week and there will be no blog posts until my return. So in order to keep everyone in good spirits I've thrown together a compilation of filler art for all to enjoy.

When I get back I'll be heading to DragonDaze so I will quickly fill up my absent work schedule and then there's THIS coming up as well....

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Hammer Vs. Axes

Just a short update today. I finished off the the last of the Storm of Chaos starter set in the form of the Chaos Warriors. I had more fun painting the Sig-marines if I'm honest, just for the change of pallette.

Until next time.