Thursday, 16 November 2017

Return to Pen and Paper

Feels so long since I had a chance to work with pen and ink. Nothing too extravagant, but still an enjoyable little project for SHED GAMES. I've decided to use the moody feel of the portraits as an excuse to muck about with strong lighting contrasts. I still need to tidy them up a bit though. They still have a few pencil lines that need removing.

Also, I finished a few more Ork Kommandos. I'll be breaking these out in the near future with the rest of the squad, so stay tuned for for that.

And finally a look forward to my next project: GASLANDS! The game is released at the end of the month and I've already pre-ordered the starter bundle. For fans of Mad Max or the GW Dark Future game, I can't recommend this enough. I was lucky enough to try it out last year in the demo stages of development and have been following the progress since. Once I get the book in hand I'll be sure to put up some pictures and a bit of a review. Until then have a good 'un.

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