Sunday, 27 November 2016

Grumbling In Green

After the work I did for the Dwarf BB Team, I decided to carry out another ambitious little project that I've been planning. With the personal success of my home sculpted Goblins and Orc Brutes (available to buy HERE) I took the plunge and started sculpting a new batch of little green dudes.

This time I've decided to sculpt dwarfs. Considerably different to my earlier stuff. The biggest challenge will be keeping everything neat and uniform. All the work on the Orcs and Goblins was pretty rough, but it was characterful to those miniatures, their armour and weapons were meant to look like scrap metal stapled together in the rain. The dwarf style I'm going for is much different; straight edges and uniform equipment. Now, I will freely admit to cutting a few corners here and there. By casting up what I've done so far and then reposing before detailing everything properly, I save myself a fair bit of time and headache. But if you see for yourself what I've been up to then I'm sure that most of you will agree with me.

On to the sculpting!

In addition to the main body above, I've made a few extra heads that will be cast without helms. The head on the left is a goblin (I couldn't stop myself) then there is a male dwarf head and then a female dwarf on the right. The body shape will need to be altered once I've cast it, but I'm aiming for a small army of mixed gender, just to be unique.

And here is the finished dwarf body with helmet. This will be going off to cast later this week along with a few weapons, a shield and the extra heads.

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