Sunday, 6 November 2016

Gribblies Unleashed

So after a whirlwind of paints and few quiet evenings I've finished a few of the giant mutants. They still need a little extra detail on the bases, but ultimately they're done. That's all I've got at the moment, but I'll have something new soon. For now though I decided to give each of these beasties a name and a bit of reputation before unleashing them on the unsuspecting world.

First up, Vengul-Snap, a horrible creature thought once to be a human (possibley two) now little more than a dribble monster. The creature dwells within the sewers of the ruined city, venturing to the surface to grab victems. Having two tooth lined maws means a large appetite so such excursions are too frequent for comfort.

Next, Brat-Goblin and his side kick Alfred. The two headed troll (Alfred) is a mystery like no other, both heads seem capable of genuine intellegent conversation, yet niether are permmited to speak. One head having it's lips sown shut and the other encased in an iron mask, the duo constantly mumble and gesture to the book hanging about their neck and their goblin handler. Without anyone being able to understand them, is it any wonder that they become so frustrated. The goblin doesn't help much... he just makes a bad situation worse really.

Khrodd the giant ape mutant was also once human, a great and noble warrior intent on slaying all of the monsters in the ruined city. Unfortunatly, fate had other plans. Whilst fighting against a cult attempting to work mischief with the ruined city, the human warrior that would be Khrodd was caught inbetween the cult's magister and the near completed summoning. The sudden backlash caused the demon to be trapped in the warrior's body. Now trapped as a hlaf mutated demon spawn the former "hero" now wages a war within his own skin to try and keep the demon at bay.... it is a fight in which the warrior loses a little more ground each day.

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