Thursday, 24 November 2016

Blood Bowl New Season's Kit

The new season of Blood Bowl was announced recently and not wanting to get left out I decided it was high time to get new team painted. First though, I had a commission to get out of the way.

This one had been sat in a jar of paint stripper for while so it had been on my To-Do list. So in true BB fashion the first team out the dug-out this year are the "No-Name" Orc team.

Next up, my team for this year. I've settled for Dwarves this time around (I paint up a different team every season) for two reasons. First, the local league is only allowing newly re-written teams (Dwarves are one of them) Second, I had the models on hand and couldn't be bothered to paint a second Orc team for myself. The Team are nothing special at the moment, but I've been working hard on the team's Death-Roller (Stomper) and pilot. The dwarf lines-woman on the left was kept on hand for scale.

A few spikes to be added to the front and she'd good to go.

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