Thursday, 10 November 2016

Goblins and Sea Critters Unite

I feel it's necessary for every great industry to have its minions, and the Grinning Loon Project is no exception. Goblins are my minion of choice and for those who know me well, that will come as no surprise, but in light of a recent kickstarter I felt the need to dust off my swamp goblins for a bit of a show.

These little blighters make up a very small branch of my (unnecessarily) large goblin army, but they still do as much damage and mischief as the rest of the stunted horde. The majority of these models are from Four-A-Miniatures and a big thanks to Andy for these, but also for giving me the chance to design my own models for this range of sea/swamp goblins.

So without further waffling, the Swamp Goblin Raiders of Boggit the Lizard King

Yeah, these goblins have crabs

The Lizard King himself, self important and foul-smelling.

The horrific one-eyed monster known to all as Yoor-Mom!

Now, this little fella is of some importance to me. Mainly as he was one of the first miniatures I designed, not just for Andy, but ever. It's no small measure of pride to me to have this done in the first place, but it was sculpted by a giant of the industry, Kev Adams, so I'm grateful on many levels for that. Below are the original sketches I sent. Since then, the others have been completed and there are other designs being worked on.

 Until recently I was worried some of the concepts I'd sent to Andy were lost in limbo, but a good man will not let his passion die quietly. Now the goblins are coming out in force and they're bringing some gribbly looking friends. Check out FourA's kickstarter HERE to see everything on offer and help Andy out... also if this goes well I get more goblins to sedate my habit and that can only be a good thing, right?


  1. Wow - never seen so many swamp Goblins together. Really love all the conversions and the skull face paint is genius! My War Tortoise was as adventurous as I got!

  2. Thank you. There were plans to have a Shaman mounted on Araknarok, but there was naver enough time to finish it. Maybe one day I'll stop being lazy and post it up here too (if I finish it). Excellent work on the War Tortoise by the way, I love the swival guns. There's something about goblins and gun powder that just works :D