Sunday, 20 November 2016

Bat-Punk (part1)

This is an old project from waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back that has been sat on my shelf for a while. It started out as small modeling project and then kind of jumped to a full on mania. I done a few sketches in work of Steampunk Batman villains based on poses from the Wyrd Miniatures range. I had no real plan in mind and at the time I was playing Malifaux quite a bit and with a few tournaments coming up in my area I got my trusty clippers out and went to work. First up, here are the original sketches that I did to before going nuts.

Tomorrow I'll post up the photos of the miniatures. After I finished the pieces based off the sketches I continued to convert more characters so there will be a few rogues that aren't shown here. Until next time.

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