Sunday, 30 July 2017

Collecting the Final Pieces

Not much done worth showing visuals for this week, but I assure I have been busy. The work on Age of Savagery is getting to that stage where the Editors (myself and Kev) are getting nervous, but so far everyone is still on track for completion deadlines.

We've gathered some serious talent around us for this project and I must say the artists and writers have done some exceptional work. They have taken the original brief and made it their own. The world of Genodd will have some real legends come September.

I'll leave you with a few snippets of things to come, first is the a preview of my last page.... sooooo close to finishing the art, then it's just the wordy bit that needs doing.

Unrelated, I've been working on a Balrog.

Also, another artist preview for Age of Savagery from Jaye Seagrim. Give this guy a look HERE!

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