Wednesday, 19 July 2017

New Rules: Making Shrapnel Evil(er)

A quick post today, partly to try and get myself into the habit of posting regularly again. So on that note, a new edition of 40K hit the shelves a few weeks back and I've finally had time to sit down, grab a beer and a bucket o' dice and play. Once again, thanks to Gaz for stepping into the ring, Let's see if a new edition can do anything to to help his losing streak against me.

I took my Orks to the field (nothing new) just to get a feel for the rules and see how the boyz would fair. Gaz turned up with something new: Deathwatch Marines! I'd not had the pleasure of facing this army before so I was not sure what they could do. They were only Marines though, so how bad could they be?

There were four objectives to play for and we had a fairly well covered board to play with. First turn went to Gaz who simply advanced with his Assault Marines to capture the objective nearest him and then tried to get everyone else into a good firing position.

My First turn was a bit more exciting. With the Assault Marines sitting just in front of them, the Ork mob was not going to pass this chance to cause some damage. The charge was slow going and meant only a few Orks made contact.

But the follow up was brutal!

Now... this is where things started to go wrong. My Kommandos tried to do the sneaky thing, but in the face of five shotguns loaded with buck-shot 'n' fire it was not a successful plan.

The Trukk Boyz on the the other flank didn't fair much better either. Despite heavier armour the Marines pulled out the frag cannons and the same thing happened, but on a heavier scale.

So.... to summarize, we played 3 turns and I feel the result can be summed up in one photo

Yeeaaah, those Deathwatch special weapons are nasty. Although we only playeed a handful of turns, everything got a chance to get involved. The new rules are easier to pick up and the game over all is much quicker. That said, I do need to change up my tactics so I'll be adding some heavy fire power and some dreads in the near future.

Cheers to Gaz again and well done on beating me at long last. next time it'll be a different story I think.

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