Saturday, 22 July 2017

After the Hobbit (part1)

Decided to dig out my LOTR stuff this week and after a chat with Rob from a little while back we arranged to play some narrative missions. The task involved a little fore thought on my hobby purchase, but but there are some things I've been itching to buy for a while now (more on that later).

So with models tallied up we began playing a series of missions that retold Balin's expedition to reclaim the lost Dwarf Kingdom of Moria. Following on from his semi-successful reclamation of Erebor (Death of Thorin would put a bit of a mark on the affair) Balin sets out with Ori, Oin and a host of brave Dwarf warriors to try and kick a bunch of pesky Goblin squatters out of his ancestral home.


The first encounter was a small affair. Balin and a band of  warriors, commanded by Rob, would need to get a foot hold within Moria's Eastgate. A relatively easy task as the goblin guards had grown comfortable in their dominion of the area, but as the self proclaimed Goblin King, I was going to make Rob pay in Dwarf casualties as best I could. 

Rob only needed to get Balin and four other models through the gate to secure a victory so understandably, his early turns involved clearing the goblins awarded "speed bump" duty whilst I ran the archers towards the gate to summon reinforcement. When the fighting broke out however things took an unexpected turn. The goblins made a daring ambush on Balin's company, slaying several heavily armoured Khazad Guard and even wounding Balin himself! 

Enraged by the hurt dealt to their leader, the Dwarves pushed the Goblin ambushers back against the rocks and made the little blighters pay for for their actions. Meanwhile, the Goblin archers were a stones throw away from the gate. A few Dwarf scouts had taken up position either side of the gate to try and shoot down the messengers, but their archery proved useless. By shear good luck, the Goblins sounded the alarm.

Seeing the Goblins spilling from the gate, Balin ordered his troops to advance. Quickly finishing the the last of the Goblin guards (bar one Goblin that did a runner) the battered Khazad Guard formed up and marched on the Eastgate of Moria.

The Dwarf scouts had stuck their neck out too far. The sudden rush of Goblin reinforcements caught them off guard and the scouts were quickly cut down.

The scouts, out numbered were in serious trouble, but Balin was having none of it. He had lost too many of his kinsfolk and marched with all haste towards the Goblin mob. The follow melee was brutal and put the Dwarves in higher spirits as their axes avenged every fallen comrade. With their numbers dwindling the Goblins began to lose all stomach for the fight.

Balin had tallied too long at the gate. Though the Goblins were now in retreat and his forces were horribly bloodied, Balin ordered the survivors into caverns. As the Dwarves once again entered Moria a loan Goblin Captain watched with hate filled eyes. It looked like interesting times had returned to Moria....


Rob took victory, but I made him pay for it. The nature of the campaign meant that Rob's actions would have consequences in the final battle and this game had CONSEQUENCES. Rob tried to bully his way into Eastgate by taking ALL of the Khazad Guard he had for the campaign and through luck, Goblin sneakiness and empty threats I'd killed TEN and put a wound on Balin! Though Balin would heal up in time for the next mission, those Khazad Guard would not. Rob only has two left on his roster.... wonder if I can finish the job.

There will be a bit of a hiatus between missions for this, so part 2 will likely be posted next month. Don't worry, I'll be posting other things in the mean time. Thanks for reading. 

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