Wednesday, 9 August 2017

I Have A Cave Troll!

... Well I will have a cave troll at some point. Or maybe a battle troll, not sure how I want to finish this next sculpt off just yet. From humble wired beginnings, this has bulked out into another sculpt that I'm really having fun with.

Trying new techniques and playing with new details has really allowed me to grow my skills. I think the first head has been my most entertaining experiment so far. It took several sessions to complete and I've since begun work on an alternative head sculpt (possibly armoured)

I made a few concept sketches a while back to try and figure out some designs I liked. with what I have so far, I may build armour plates and alternative weapon options to make some real variety in what a person could do with the kit.

Also of note this week. A mjor update on the Age of Savagery Project. Deadlines have been called and we've had most of the promised submissions delivered. Several short stories, comics and illustrations have been gathered so far and the few still being waited on are looking very impressive. To further add to the pile of completed work, I've finished my own submission so I'll leave you with a sneaky preview.

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