Thursday, 13 July 2017


A lot of stuff to cover today. As always my excuses for not posting anything continues to be real world related, but enough about that.

First on the agenda, Age of Savagery! once again the deadline for this are drawing ever closer and the talented artists and writers involved are really putting in everything they have, like this gentleman HERE;

I bumped into Josh a few weeks back in Swansea Comic & Gaming Con. He was showing off some of his work and he was good enough to hear me out on my pitch for AoS. A few emails later and he's been putting work together like a demon. It really is stuff like this, from new artists and indy writers, that make this project what it is. I was always afraid that this would struggle, but with all the work we've had submitted and all the great talent that has been put forward, I honestly can't wait to get the book published, looking forward to seeing it all in print.

This week saw me pick up the brush and finally finish my Night Lords kill team. I still have the cultists to paint, but the heavy lifters of the crew are done and ready to ruin someone's day.

As many of the wargaming community are aware, 40K got a shiny new edition recently and in honour of that fact, I bought a new army. I'll put some WIP shots up when I have the chance, but after some dodgy deals at my local gaming store I aquire two sets of the new Nurgle army. They'll be a bit different to my normal army (Orks) in both painting and playing, so I'm looking forward to spending some time on them.

And finally for this week, The Goblin King and his little Shaman buddy have been sold and will be off to their new home with Andy at FourAMiniatures. He should hopefully have them up for sale soon, but don't worry, I'll give everyone a heads up when they are. On a related note, the Dwarf command I sculpted have been released by CPmodels, so if you picked up the warriors, now there are a couple of captains and what-nots to give orders. The Dwarf characters won't be far behind I imagine.

I shall leave you with this little anecdote, I was at Splott Market today and what should I see on a stall of game?

Oh yes, that is a copy of Camelot: The Build and about 5 years ago I did the art for the back of the box. Don't believe me? Here's a scan of the original piece plus some line art that wasn't used.

I'm now SPLOTT MARKET FAMOUS! What ever that means? The stall owner and I had a fun chat about it and even asked me to sign the box. What an odd world.

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