Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Dave's L'il Pet Store

So you like critters? Well I got a step by step on critters. Thanks to Chris over at ShedGames for the commission and for giving me something new to try out. After working on the goblin sculpts I was feeling pretty confident about what I could do...

Then Chris asked about getting some creepy crawlies done for a dungeon and I thought "Yeah, I can do that" so I did.

First up, here's the early stages of the critters. Most of what I was sculpting was pretty straight forward, but the dog and bat were a different story. The bat posed some problems with the wings as, if they were too thin, they'd break all the time when cast, but then they'd also be a bugger to sculpt in the first place. The dog was a complete move out of my comfort zone in this project. I'd never sculpted anything with 4 legs so the body type was miles away from the previously sculpted goblins, and then there was casting it up as well.

A little further along in the project and the bugs are all but done. The dog began to take shape which made me happy and the bat's body looked pretty cool, but I still had the wings to figure out.

After some thought, I used flattened sheets of putty that had cured and then glued them in place. A little extra sculpting to fill in the gaps and detail the wings and then the edges were neatened up with a file to get that recognisable "bat" shape.
So there you have it. A couple of final group shots and we're away. Keep an eye open for these in the next few months from Shed Games and I'll keep sculpting and doodling to keep things interesting.

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