Tuesday, 26 July 2016

"Build Me An Army"

A fair bit of work has gone into these and I'm proud of the results. A big thanks to Chris over at Macrocosm Games for introducing me to Henry who commissioned these pieces after seeing the original goblin I sculpted over a year ago now. Henry will be looking to release these guys as part of a Kickstarter in the near future along with a few other sculpts we've talked about doing.

For now though I'm here to show off the final sculpts before they get shipped off to the casters. The arms and heads are from my original goblin but it's interesting to see the same old parts changed up just with new poses. The running pose is my favourite, a lot more dynamic than the original bow legged stance.

Next up the Brutes. These were created almost entirely from the ground up this time. Again the running pose gives a great sense of movement but it's the two-handed axe that I'm really proud of.

As I've said there is plenty more to come for this project, but for now I'm looking to finish some other work and maybe try and do some personal projects.
Speaking of finishing work, here's a sneak peak at what I'm working on for a returning client, Shed Games. Enjoy!!

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