Thursday, 18 August 2016

Smashing Face With Dice! A 40k Battle Report (part 2)

Not looking to leave bad deeds unpunished, Mike called in the last of his Drop Pod re-enforcements. The Venerable dreadnought hit home in near centre table, glaring down the barrel of the immobilised Megadoof Wagon. Stepping out the orbital lander, the Dreadnought fired off a shot from it's Primary Weapons, but failed to deliver the final blow to the ork rockers. You really can't stop the ROCK!

On the other side of the battlefield, Mike's Marine squad advanced on the truck mounted mob that as it screeched through the ruins at break neck speed. A sustained hail of bolter fire forced the truck to hit the brakes and in it's moment of weakness the marines engaged to destroy the transport with grenades. The ork passengers were unharmed by the destruction, but were far from happy about their ride going up in smoke. It didn't matter at the stage however. My main units were all where I wanted them to be at this stage... close enough to punch the marines square in the teeth!

Meanwhile the Warboss had greatly underestimated the Emperor's Champion. Here was an opponent worth fighting and he'd ignored him favour of the physically big Centurions. Well, as the Centurions were all dead, the Warboss accepted the challenge offered by the Champion. A few brutal sword strokes left the Warboss battered, but a killing stroke glanced off the giant ork's steel skull plate. Alive, bleeding and annoyed at the ringing sound in his head, the Warboss introduced the Emperor's Champion to the nearby side of a building... repeatedly at high speed. Needless to say the Warboss won the challenge.

Behind the roaring cheers of the Warboss' supporters, the sound of over charged engines grew louder. Speeding onto the main street amongst the Marine squads on my right flank, both Buggy squadrons turned up, catching the advanced squad of Marines in a lethal crossfire. Without waiting for the dust to settle, the survivors of the wrecked truck attack. A short brawl saw the Marines wiped out by the sudden advance. The right flank was now over run by the orks.

Towards the centre of the battle field, The Venerable Dreadnought realised his peril too late to counter. The Megadoof Wagon continued raining hell upon the Marines' rear ranks and the Warboss was already sizing him up for his next BIG kill. A desperate salvo of fire attempted to slow the Warboss and his remaining retinue, but the orks were upon it. A brief, but vicious assault saw the Warboss finally put down, but the Venerable Dreadnought was not lucky enough to survive either. It's hull breached and it's engines damaged, the warmachine exploded.

Out of desperation, The remain 2 Marines of the central squad attacked the buggies. Through a combination fire power and direct close combat, 1 of the ork buggies was wrecked.

Also acting out of desperation, the Space Marine Chapter Master held the main street alone. Against the mob of enraged orks, fresh from butchering the Marines' right flank, the Chapter Master stood little hope of survival. The Chapter Master died a hero. Cut down by superior numbers alone and unremembered.

What transpired in the centre of the battlefield was just as lethal. After forcing the ork mob back in the previous turn, the Assault Terminators followed the orks over the barricades. All intentions on wiping the orks out, once and for all. It was not to be! By sneaky traps, combat superiority or blind luck, the orks battered the Terminators to a man and sent the lone survivor retreating to safety of it's lander.

The orks had captured the field, no real resistance remained at this point. Determined to make an example of as many orks as possible, the last Terminator charged back into the mob of orks responsible for the death of his squad mates, but failed to deliver on his oaths of vengeance. No sooner had the lone attacker scaled the barricades, the ork Mek, cut the Terminator in two down the middle with a huge buzz-saw. A weapon designed for carving up tanks for scrap, the Terminator was the last marine to fall.

With Five out the six objectives in ork hands, both generals dead and the orks claiming first kill, victory was very conclusively to me. Mike only had 3 empty Drop Pods and the scout team remaining in the far left corner of the battlefield. it would be safe to assume they would not want to stick around much longer as everything they saw before them was now ork territory.

Thanks for reading. This has been the longest actual blog I've written, and it came in two parts. I will likely do more blogs like this in the future provided I can show off lots of great painted minis.
Until next time
 'Ere we go! 'Ere we go! 'Ere we go!

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