Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Long Silence

Been a while since my last post and I've been busy.

First off, big thanks to the guys who ran Cardiff Indy Comic Expo last month. As ever it was great to meet new people and to catch up with old friends. It was also a good time to shift my own artwork, but that's more of a personal brag than a review.

Since then I've been working on several projects in a variety of materials, so this post will be a tad random and will feature a lot of "work in progress" stuff. Starting with some more Winter of the World art for Cakebread and Walton  their finished RPG book for the series is entering it's final stages and should see release later this summer. Below are a few rough sketches of scenes and places from the novels...

...and a finished piece from the same set.

Sticking to the theme of novels and fantasy, my local gaming group has decided to carry on the Game of Thrones themselves following the end of Season 6. We've all jumped in with home built gangs for a bit of skirmish level fisty-kuffs but there will also be plenty of "behind the scenes" stuff going on to keep things flavourful. I've decided to run a Baratheon force led by Stanis Baratheon and backed up with his loyal Captain Ser Davos and his adviser The Red Woman (currently in the post)

All converted from GW Lord of the Rings figures and soon to be painted. More picture later this week of hopefully some finished troops and some photos of what the rest of my gaming group have been up to.

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