Thursday, 14 July 2016

Carnage, Thy name is Dragon!

Well this Game of Thrones thing has kicked off something fierce at my local gaming store. We've yet to officially start the map campaign, but so many of us have built forces (more than 1) and are itching to try them out. So for this post I'll be showcasing the work of some of my friends for a change.

This battle was a straight up brawl for control of the centre of the board (marked by Sansa Stark's snow castle) featuring representatives from House Baratheon, Martell and Targarian with the Nights Watch wading in for good measure.

Jon Snow leads his brothers of the Nights Watch....

Grey Worm heads up the Unsullied

Stannis takes the front ranks of the Baratheon army

The Martells occupy the far corner, but the photo I had was dreadful.

Oh! and there was a dragon,I forgot about the dragon. Openning turns of the game saw Prince Oberyn put down by the dragon, but it was a lucky shot from the Nights Watch archers that finished him off.

 The Unsullied march on the Baratheon flank.

With the dragon finally seen off with concentrated archery and Melisandre's magic, the serviving Martells advance.

Snow takes the fight to Ser Davos before getting cut down by Stannis in quick order. Stannis didn't last long past this point however. The combined force of the Unsullied and the Martells crushed the Baratheon lines and the surviving Nights Watch....

 ...before turning on each other. (Real time Got style of betrayal)
  The game finished with the Martells taking the objective through weight of numbers. Grey Worm and the remaining Unsullied just couldn't land a solid hit to claw back victory.

Below are a few (poor) pictures of the minis cabinet at the shop with various people's  contributions to the campaign. I must say I'm excited by the future of this campaign as we havn't even started yet and already it has brought out the best in everyone's modeling and painting. What's more, this isn't even half of the people signed up so when some more armies turn up I'll try and cover the games and opponents I come up against.

Until then, I have plenty of other things to be getting on with.

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  1. Great pics, love the warbands! May I ask what rules system you used to play these skirmishes?