Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The Return of the Green

A little while ago I posted up a set of photos of my efforts at sculpting a 28mm scale goblin and his orc friend, you know, these guys;

Well, the heads and arms are about done, but the next step for the bodies was a bit more long winded. The bodies image above was never meant to be the finished project, rather a set of very detailed stock poses from which I could make more alteration to once they got cast.

So the bodies have been cast up and the final poses are well under way along with an extra set of arms. The goblin bodies haven't been played around with too much, just a bit of re positioning of the legs to get some more dynamic poses and the same for the orc brute body, though the brute is also getting some extra armour plates over the legs.

A new set of arms with a suitably beasty two-handed axe for the brute. Not finished yet, but if you use your imaginaton you can see where I'm going.

Lastly, I've taken the arms and heads I sculpted for my previous "armed" goblin and stuck them on for test fitting. I'm really happy with how these turned out and I'm looking forward to getting everything finished. There will be plenty more on the way.

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