Tuesday, 8 January 2019

A New Alliance for the New Year

Happy New Year folks, I hope the Xmas period was fun and full of food for everyone. With the festive season over and done with in Real-World work I finally have some time to kick back and enjoy my hobby time. I've built up quite a backlog of part-finished projects as well as stumbling into half a dozen new ones so I should have a few good months of art and miniature to keep me occupied.

First things first though, I've finished my Last Alliance force for the Lord of the Rings. I felt this was a nice change to my usual painting queue. Not necessarily brighter, but cleaner. Shiny armour, crisp edges and and all round sense of nobility about the army.

The Elves were a bit of a relief. As anyone that knows me will tell you, I am NOT a fan of Elves (bunch of skinny weirdos that wash and eat salads) I'm more at home with the Goblin masses, but I really enjoyed painting something so different to everything else I had done. Gold for example was something I hadn't painted in any amount for a long time, so it was pleasing to see the final results turn out as they did.

Here's a group shot of the Heroes and Banners;

These lads will be taking to the field in force at the end of the month for Into The West 2019 so I'll hope to see a few familiar face for the third year running.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to paint something grimy and covered in rust

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