Monday, 28 May 2018

CICE Back Home

A brief bit of the history from the outside of this little con. Cardiff Indy Comic Expo used to run a 2 day event in Cardiff's Mercure Hotel waaay back when I first started doing cons. The last few years saw CICE drop off the scene for a little while, but you can't keep a good con down. After a brief run of events at the Cardiff Masonic Lodge, CICE is finally coming home to the Mercure Hotel!

It's been a long road for the organizers to get back here, but the effort that has been put into the last few years and going forward has been appreciated. Not just by me, but the guests and the Independent publishing community in general. When I first moved to Cardiff back in 2010, the indy comics scene was a big a vibrant community that aloud me to get my own work out into the world, but also introduced me to some wonderful new titles as well as a lot of friends.

So if you're close by this weekend and you want to be a part of something creative and awesome, pop in and take a look. We'll be there (Myself and Kev from Deadstar) as well as many others all showing off our own comics and stories. There'll still be plenty of the usual mainstream stuff, but if you fancy looking at some home-grown talent or just something a bit different from the norm, then this is the show for you.

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