Sunday, 13 May 2018

On Wards and Upwards!

CFCC is is done for the time being, but it will resurface later in the year. For now though I'll just say it was great to see some friends I don't see very often and I i was glad to meet so many new people at the event. AoS was well received as was Dolphin Squad 2. All-in-all the Deadstar Team had a cracking weekend and are looking forward to the next lot of events. Deadstar will be attending London MCM at the end of the month as well as Cardiff Independent Comic Expo the following week and Caerphilly Comic Con the week after. I won't be at London myself, but I will be at the other two shows.

So with Comic Cons filling up the schedule for the next few weeks, will there be time for hobbying? You betcha!

A little piece I've had stashed away for a while now. My regular gaming group are planning Dungeon Crawler with each of our character models have been designed by someone else in the group. We used Hero Forge to make the minis. For those who are unfamiliar with them, Hero Forge provide allow you to design your own miniature and then get it 3D printed there and then. Their turn around is pretty good and they have a huge selection of option with which to build your mini from. Any ways, here is the model I created to represent our buddy Keron.

Introducing Keron, the Friendliest Man in Warh- "ahem"- I mean with a Warhammer! The colours are based off Keron's Empire army from Warhammer. It's a much brighter palette than I normally use, but I want to try and imitate Keron's style from that army. It's much cleaner and brighter than my usual "cover it in washes and rust" approach to painting models. especially of recent months.

I've had a chance to get some INQ28 stuff painted at last and will hopefully get a chance to paint some more soon...

... but first there's some Lord of the Rings on the horizon so I'll get to painting some more Orcs I think.

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