Sunday, 20 May 2018

Return to the Green

Just a little sculpting project this week. A Buddy of mine is looking top do a fantasy Mughul army for Kings of War. To try and save himself some cash, he's asked me to sculpt him some heads for conversions. It's been a while since my last sculpting project and I always like to dip back into these things to keep my putty skills sharp.

They're still WIP I have to add beards and side flaps to the helmets, but I think they're coming along.

On a selfish note, this seemed like a good excuse to do some work on my LOTR Angmar army. I'd picked up the Gundabad Ogres a while back, but my plans for a Gundabad Army never took off. So with some extra work I'm turning them into Angmar Trolls...
The first troll has just had a bit of a nose job and the addition of a crude flail using jewelry chain. The second Troll is a bit more involved.

I'll be using him as a Troll Chieftain. I'm going to add a skull necklace for added "grim" factor, but the mask and sword are done.

Until next time folks.

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