Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Comic Con or Bust!

It's that time of year again, I'm heading to Cardiff Film and Comic Con to peddle my artistic wares and chat nerd with my fellow attendees and traders. This year I'll be working under the banner of Deadstar Publishing as they take multiple new releases to the masses. New Dolphin Squad, new previews and most important (to me anyway) new Age of Savagery! AoS was debuted last weekend at Swansea Comic and Gaming Con and was very well received by the crowd and the creators that were present. This weekend will hopefully be more of the same, with a bigger crowd, more of the creators present and a two day show to celebrate the efforts of over 20 creators!

I've been looking forward to this show for weeks now as it's the first Con I'll be attending with my new work this year. I'm super excited to be able to talk to people about a project that has been a true labour of love for over year and a community driven labour at that. So if you're in the 'Diff this weekend, come to CFCC and say "Hello" to myself and the other contributors that'll be present like the boys at Hell Bound Media, Danny of Dolphin Squad fame and hopefully a few others that might come out of the wood work.

If you can't make it to CFCC, but are still interested in AoS or Dolphin Squad or any of the other cool titles that Deadstar carry, you can order stuff from HERE.

Hopefully see you there guys 'n' gals!

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