Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Looking Back

After spending  a lot of time working on sculpts, miniatures and the odd scenery project for table top games, I think it's high time to look back at some comic book work and give it a spruce up. Some of you may know that I created and self published my own series of comics about 6 years ago, namely New Wasteland Fairy Tales.

Since that first release, it's had 2 follow up issues, bunch of attached merchandise and even a 28mm scale mini made.

A big thanks to Phil Hynes for that last one. Since then he's gone on to sculpt a lot more 28mm stuff and is running kickstarters for some amazing bits and pieces. I also have to give a MASSIVE "Thank you" to everyone who bought that first print run of comics. It was my first foray at the time and to have a sell out product at my first big comic con was a huge boost to my confidence.
But what is this rambling gratitude all about I hear you ask. Well, in light of Age of Savagery nearing its completion and subsequent release in the next few months, I've been looking over my past works. The 28mm Miniatures have all gone, the dice have had several runs and altered designs, but the comics have remained largely unchanged. With the exception of a few corrected spellings and a change of printers, the comics are starting to show their age.

There was always the intention to carry on the series, but they were made during a time when I had a LOT more free time to dedicate to the project and a more forgiving work schedule. That isn't to say NWFT is finished or cancelled, but more like a long term hiatus. For now though, it's getting some attention from me and after the initial print run being made in black & white due to cost I finally have the means to send it out in colour. The pages I did for Age of Savagery last year were some of the best work I had done for a while in my opinion and I want to carry that effort and excitement to my first published creation. It will take a while as there are over 70 pages of original art to colour and re-edit, but not only that, it will also give me the chance to improve certain areas (namely the spelling mistakes).

So if you want to grab a copy of the original comic as it is, pop on over to DEADSTAR PUBLISHING and have a look at some of their other stuff too. In the mean time I'll carry on the work and post updates via this blog and the TWITTER as always.

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