Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Raiding the Bits Box Again

A little while ago, I made mention of the INQ28 group. A bunch of hobbiests that build some really cool/wierd stuff and say "To Hell with sensible rules as long as it looks awesome!" These guys and Gals have inspired me and after a chat with some of my gaming group and a lot of scrolling through the Google images I've taken the plunge. For now it's just a few simple builds, using stuff I've to hand for ages, but Now I've scheme in mind.

For now here are the work in progress shots of Rogue Trader Al-haddi and his crew.

I've plans to add a Mystic/Cultist type character who acts as the handler for the Deamonhost, but for now these are the finished builds.

After presenting the idea to my gamer buddies, we're looking to run a Shadow War Campaign using what we've built. Making the warband rules fit the miniatures as we go.

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