Friday, 23 March 2018

News From The 'Diff

After the chaos of Six Nations and the French invasion of Cardiff, things look like they may be returning to normal around here. That should allow me some time to do some hobby, but also get on with some commission work (more on that another time).

That said, I've managed to get some stuff out of the way. First up some Oldhammer Nobz for my ever growing 40k Ork Habit. I have a real soft spot for the old school Orks and the Gorkamorka era sculpts are the early works that became the speed loving, gun nuts that we recognize today.

I also got some time to build a few more INQ28 models. This was a combination of boredom and right-place-right-time. I had a bunch of parts sprawled out on the desk and whilst the missus was out I ended up going a bit nuts. She only went to the shop and this happened!

I'm still scouring the INQ28 boards for inspiration on stuff like this, and if this continues I could end up using my entire bitz box up just on random minis. At the moment, I've got enough for a decent Inquisitor's Retinue for Shadow War which means they'll get some use, but it could end up growing into an army if I don't watch it. That's how the Orks started and the now the Night Lords are only a dozen models off being a usable 40K army.

Final bit of news. The Dwarf Royal Guard sculpts and the Tunnel Teams have been picked up by Mark over at CP Models. He currently has all the other Dwarf (Gnome) sculpts I've done and I'm glad to have sent them to him so the range of minis stays complete. He's also picked up a new range off 6mm sci-fi, so pop over and take a look. He's super excited about these.

And that's it for now. I had an evening off last night I've got some time off in the next few weeks so things are looking... what? Weddings? Boxing Match? COMIC CONS?! Well so much for returning to normal, unless "constantly doing stuff" is the new normal. Oh my!

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