Wednesday, 14 March 2018

The Final Cut

It has been an absolute slog to get these guys done, but I can finally say that the Dwarf Royal Guard and Tunnel Fighter Teams are well and truly finished.

I'm not sure what to say really. I'm happy enough with the final sculpts and they'll round off the rest of the range I've already sculpted. I think after sculpting Dwarfs on-and-off for the last year or so has left longing for my old school goblin roots. But who can be sure? The Royal Guard come fully kitted in their heaviest Dwarven plate and axes ready carve up the forces of evil.

The masks for the Royal Guard were always in the original sketches. but I was worried as time went on whether they'r look the part on the actual miniatures. It was an attempt to add another layer of armour to something that was already quite chunky, but I'm struggling to make my mind up.

Next are the Tunnel Fighter Teams. These were more interesting to work as the poses were something new. Up to now, everything was some variation of "dude with an axe" Now I had long spears and heavy shields to work with.

I guess I just found these to be more interesting to sculpt. It could be while before these guys see the table top, but alongside everything else I'm looking forward to painting them up for a few Lord of the Rings games in the future. Right now I've still got a lot of other painting and modeling to crack on with.

Speaking of things a long ways from the tables....

Yup, the Troll is still sitting in a box on the shelf, looking for a good home and a caster. If you know of anyone interested in such things or fancy grabbing him for your own nefarious purposes, drop me a line.

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