Saturday, 24 March 2018

A Quiet Night In

The missus was out a few nights back and with all the manic running about over the last few weeks (and the weeks to come) I did what any self respecting bloke does in such circumstances. I called a buddy over for a few drinks and some toy soldiers. The friend in question had expressed an interest in LOTR in the past, so I dug out some scenery and few models for a Battle Companies game and we popped a few bottles and had a laugh..

He took the Dwarfs of Raven Cliff and I took the Orcs of Angmar.

We kept the objective simple, the Dwarfs would defend the Inn atop the hill from the marauding band of Orcs. Things started on an unlucky footing for the Dwarfs as a couple of lucky shots from the Orc Archers felled the Dwarf on the balcony and one of the Dwarfs guarding the gate.

Not wasting any time, the rest of the Orcs charged the hill in force.

The Orc Leader tried to mob the Dwarfs one-by-one, using the superior numbers, but Dwarf armour proved too tough for such crude tactics. Gradually the Dwarfs began to regain some ground against their foes.

But the Orcs were cunning. A flanking force had finally arrived and began to surround the Surviving Dwarf warriors.

In the end it was too much and the last Dwarfs were cut down, preferring to die facing their enemies than running from them. The Orcs then laid waste to the Inn

Not the most epic of conflicts, but we both had a good time and I always enjoy a light hearted pick up game once in a while. That's the end of this little post, short and sweet for once.

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