Wednesday, 24 January 2018

If That Fell Kingdom Should Rise.....

And it has. Been working on these for a while on and off now and with a Lord of the Rings Tournament taking place this weekend I thought it was past time to show off my efforts. Here are some of the horrors coming out of the ruins of Angmar to assail Middle-Earth...

First up the Orc Shaman and his bodyguards. Also a mounted version for those long journeys.

Not to be out done by mere Orcs, the Lord of the Nazgul leads from the front with a pack of Warg Riders.

Every self respecting force of Evil needs more Orc grunts to fill out the ranks and a Captain to keep them in line.

Finally, some of my favourite models from GW's LOTR range, the Specters. First and only Elf model I've painted in the last 7 years. Probably be the last Elf model too.

A sneaky peak at what I've got on the desk at the moment so enjoy. I'll have a full rundown of the event next week Wish me luck.


  1. Well, it seems unlikely, but I've only discovered this blog right now...
    Your army looks great!
    I like them all, from the spectres, to Gothmog, to the Mordor orcs... They're awesome!
    Good luck for the tournament.

  2. Cheers buddy, I'll be doing a write up of the weekend soon.