Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Dystonian Doodles

I've been doing a lot of scribbling of late. With the down time in work and few quiet afternoons I've been inspired by  the Inq28 crowd and Blanchitsu articles to get a few random characters together. At the moment this will fall in between  the Dwarf sculpting project and the Night Lords Terminators as it's both a sculpting and painting experiment. For now though, here are a few ideas for what I have in mind.

Some of these pictures appeared during my doodle spree for #Inktober towards the end of last year. seemed fitting to dig them out again.

The long term goal is to build a small gang of miniatures out of spare parts like I did with the Night Lords. Though this will allow me slightly more freedom as I'm not looking to use any particular set of rules. For now I'm just going to play around with some more concept sketches.

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