Thursday, 4 January 2018

A Day at the Races

Well it took a full month, a change of calendar and the planets to align, but I finally got a chance to play Gaslands since I bought it back in November. So without further excuses, let's burn rubber!

The track was set around a wasteland settlement, using the the natural rock formations as the race marker gates and competing for the first win of the New Year were the Nuke Valley Raider (blue team) and the Thunder Wasps (yellow team). First few turns were a little slow to get going. Neither my opponent or I had played before and with only a minor grasp of the rules myself it took me some time to explain the collision and wipe out rules, but after some early fender benders the race got well under way.

The Thunder Wasps took the lead and passed the first gate with relative ease. The NVR heavy artillery was not to be ignored as the pick-up truck sporting the 125mm cannon soon put a serious dent in the Wasps' lead car. Lagging at the back, the NVR "King" must have been drinking from the petrol tank as the idiot just couldn't get the car to go in the right direction.

Once again the Wasps passed the gate first and held the lead two gates in a row with the NVR Pick-up truck following close behind. Too close however...

The Wasps were down one car, but with "King still struggling to even make the first gate, it was really all down to the Pick-up Truck to win it for the NVR. The wasps' remaining car, following a brief detour off the track, quickly caught up ahead of the third and final gate.

But the driver misjudged the the turn and disaster was the final result seeing the Wasps' remaining car smashing into the smoking wreck of it's team mate. Ahead of the Third gate and pulling away from the carnage, the NVR pick-up truck crossed the finish line to take home the trophy (free lift home)

So, my first impressions date back to the first ever post of this blog when the Gaslands Team were still demoing the rules. Since then the Game has had a year to get some tweaks and polish on it and it doesn't disappoint. My opponent and I both had a great laugh out the evening and I'll be taking the rules out for a spin over the next few weeks to add in a few of the advance rules that we left out or got wrong this time around. 

For those who love Death Race, Mad Max or even the Pod Race scene from Star Wars, this rule set is worth a look and getting a few toy cars from a car boot sale will cost you next to nothing to get playing quick. I would recommend getting the movement templates if you can as they make things nice and neat and drawing up some dashboard style stat cards for your vehicles. Gaslands has a downloadable roster sheet, but we found these to be cramped to work with whilst keeping track of tokens and damage. Altogether it's a great rules set and a lot of fun.

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