Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Effective Miss-Direction

So couple of weeks back I made mention of a new commission and whilst I'm eager to show it off, the client has asked me to keep it under wraps for now, so all I can show you is this....

It's nothing sinister, but for the time being, that's all I can show you until we get closer to the finishing line. I'm still working on the sculpt and it is coming along nicely if I do say so.... I just can't show any of you internet folks yet.

In the mean time, I've been painting away my lunch breaks in work, trying to get a few more Witch Hunters done and at home playing with a bunch of spare parts from my bitz box.

Going off some feed back from the AoS28 FB group, I've tried to come up with something a bit more original regarding a backstory and a setting for this lot. Once again, there are some talented hobbiests out there and I've been inspired by their take on an old fantasy trope of knights hunting monsters. I'll flesh everything out another day. For now I'm having too much fun playing with glue and plastic :)

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