Thursday, 12 July 2018

Too Damn Hot

Ok, the weather has officially got the better of me. After the weekend working, the British summer time can go now, I've had enough of the heat. Thankfully I've managed to not suffer a case of Dave's Syndrome (well done to those that get the reference) but I did try to do a spot of painting in the garden. I've nearly finished my band of Witch Hunters.

These have been a joy to paint, though not finished yet. Some may remember these guys from last year. They were built as part of a competition that I was happy to get 3rd place. A big thanks to the guys at Osprey for that. I'm looking to get a few games of Frostgrave in with these boys to help take my mind off the heat.

I've also picked up a new commission. This one is a bit special, I'll explain more when things get underway properly.

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