Monday, 16 July 2018

Seeking Evil

This week I've actually been quite productive. Both at the hobby desk and at the (real) job. First the boring stuff, I got a promotion at work so whilst I get more responsibility I at least get the pay rise and minions that go with it. Plus after England getting themselves knocked out of the sportsball tournament, I had some free time on shift to play with...

Don't what it is or what it's for, but I'll most likely build something cool as a result of these doodles.

It's possible, that I've been bitten by the AoS28 bug of late. following on from last week WIP of my Witch Hunters, I've stumbled onto the Dark Age of Sigmar forums and been quite smitten with some of the ideas that exist there. I think it's time I got my old band of Gaming buddies back in shape for Mordheim later this year. For now, here are the first lot of finished Witch Hunters. (from left to right; Tom the Farmer, Ruthigg the Torturer, Witch Hunter Captain Stein, Father Lupeski and Johann the Fanatic)

 I put a few extra details into Captain Stein. As the boss he'd be taking a bigger cut of the confiscated possessions of his quarry. Stands to reason he'd be a dangerous zealot as well.

That's all for now. Until next week, I'll hopefully get a chance to finish off another batch of the Witch Hunter crew.

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