Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Release the Hounds

The Witch Hunters have been finished! I'm super happy with this band or grim fanatics. So much character in the Frostgrave kits on there own and it's a great chance to paint something a little different. I don't paint "generic" humans often so it's great to not feel board at any point of the project.

The dogs, Butcher and Bane, were added recently just to round off the crew. They are from the Bushido range and took almost no time to paint.

I'll add a few extra mooks and maybe a hired sword at some point, but right now I've fallen for the new shiny...

Oh yeah.... Shadow War was a dangerous game that led me to building a Night Lords army (I'll finish it some day, Jeez) but I'm playing Kill Team safe and I've started mucking about with the Ork lists. I think it's time to return to a long neglected part my personality, Goblins in Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace......

Let the fires of Grot Revolushun BEGIN!

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