Monday, 18 June 2018

Work in the Garden

Well last week seems to have been the end of British summer weather and it's back to the usual gloomy rain for a bit. Thankfully, I was able to get a few hours out int the sun shine to work on my Dice Tower. Mostly to get some paint on it, but also I was feeling fancy...

I got some pretty flowers in my last Model Box (like loot crate for wargamers) and thought they'd finish of the the tower nicely. Not sure what the Uruk-Hai Shaman makes of it all, he was put there for scale.

I've also had a chance the last few days to finish off some much needed reinforcements for my 40K Orks. Just an extra few Boyz, but the last few games have shown me that you can never have too many bodies on the field. Sometimes quantity is better over quality.

The Rogue Trader era banner bearer was particularly interesting to me. It was only as I was painting him that I started to notice how much detail is on this model. The busted old Marine helmets and shoulder pads are obvious, but the Iron Cross on his uniform, the broken bottle hanging from the banner and the fact that one of the helmets is so damaged that you can see the skeletal remains within make this one of my favourite Oldhammer models to date

Until next time.

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