Tuesday, 12 June 2018

New Architecture

Hello all! I'm back from Caerphilly Comic Con and it was amazing. Once again, it's events like this that really gives me the enthusiasm to keep doing Comic Cons as well as drawing and writing cool stories. There was a lot to see and do at the show, a MASSIVE "Thank you" to the organizer, Vik, and to my comrades on the Deadstar Publishing stand, Danny and Kev. But also thanks to everyone who showed up and made the event a day to remember. For me, one of the high lights is seeing people who have never been to a Con and genuinely look like they're enjoying themselves. It was also a joy to celebrate Deadstar Publishing's 8th Birthday in style with CAKE!

We've been looking over our books from the last few shows (3 cons in 3 weeks plus full time jobs is an exhausting stretch) and things are looking up. With five new releases this year, Deadstar is actually seeing it's best sales in a while. It has taken a long time to get all of this together mind so don't think this is a shameless brag, a lot of people have put their time and effort into making their creative work the best it can be, traveling across country to promote what we do and the people that buy the comics and books Deadstar puts out. It all helps.

I also got lucky during the charity auction and picked up this little piece of kit.

I've always wanted a Dice Tower (because I'm juvenile like that) and I can buy one for charity and not have to feel bad...right? I've decided to spruce it up a bit with some paint and texture so it can double as a scenery piece for my gaming board. The Tower is from yourlaser.co.uk for those interested in looking them up :) Here are some more WIP shots.

The decking on the top of the tower is removable so it can still be a dice tower mid game. The little pot acts as a handle.

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