Friday, 8 June 2018

For He's a Jolly G- OOH CAKE!

Just a quick post ahead of Caerphilly Comic Con tomorrow, Deadstar Publishing, the indy comic house that carries a lot of my comic work are 8 years old tomorrow! A happy little coincidence that we here at Grinning Loon Towers have used as an excuse to get make CAKE! We'll be there with all the usual assortment of goodies, like New Wasteland Fairy Tale, Dolphin Squad and Age of Savagery, not mention a few new pieces as well. In terms of releases, this has been a great year for Deadstar.

So pop along to Caerphilly Comic Con tomorrow and check out some comics, grab some cake, oh.... and this guy!

That's right, I finally got the big guy cast up and I'll have a limited number available for sale at Caerphilly. I've got plenty more on the way, but I'll announce when they turn up if anyone is interested. Those that are thinking this is slightly out of place, don't worry I'm in good company as a few hobby shops and board game sellers will be representing the gaming masses so hopefully the Troll will have some buddies to play with.

So see you there!

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