Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Back From Over Seas

So the last week I've been away for my annual cruise holiday. A nice chance to get away and see the world and meet some new people... and abuse the cruise's drinks package.

This year we had planned to stop off at some comics shops in Amsterdam that I found last year, but the weather was having none of that and we had go else where. So we ended up in Brugge instead and it was a nice change of pace. If you've never been, it is a lovely little town to visit. Plenty of history and old buildings and as luck would have it a brilliant comic shop called De Striep. It was a joy to find this place by chance and some of the art on show was amazing, Vikings, Dark Fantasy and Steampunk galore! I cannot give any credit to the writers as I don't understand the language in question, but I picked up a few titles that looked cool. I will say that if you like your comics and you're trying to get your kids into them, watch out when abroad. Them mainland Europeans are not shy when it comes to showing a bit of flesh in comics. This is not a criticism and I've found from past titles I've read, it isn't smut for the sake of it, we Brits are just massive prudes XD.

So if you get the chance to visit Brugge, pop in to their local comic shop and have a look.

Now back to our regular programming! As well as an enjoyable holiday, it was a great surprise to return home to some fun news! Last few months, Osprey Games have been running their triple sprue challenge on Twitter (Go check it out if you haven't seen it). Where entrants build a Frostrgrave Wizard, Apprentice and Captain using only the parts from their Human Warrior, Cultist and Barbarian sprues. I was pleased to find out that I'd got a runners-up place for my efforts. Go check out the other winners HERE for some awesome conversions.

As for me, (left to right) The Apprentice, Wizard and Captain that I entered. Guess I'm going to have to paint them now.

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