Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The Clansmen of Raven Cliff

Took a lot longer than planned to get these guys painted but I am super happy with them. I went with a colour scheme that was similar to Thorin Oakenshield, who I painted a while back. There will be more to add to this lot once I get the royalty finished and CPmodels put the command up for sale. For now this happy bunch can be bought HERE

To add to the fun. I'm currently working on a Goblin King and Shaman to go along with the Goblins I sculpted for KOTHwargames last year. So to showcase the two races I've sculpted from the ground up, here are a few action shots.

When I've got the characters all sculpted and cast up then I'm looking forward to running some larger games with them. Until then, thanks to Mark and Henry respectively for taking an interest in my little projects.

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